Saturday, 18 July 2015

Sunny Saturday?

Not really, it was sunny first thing, but had clouded over. Rain is forecast for tomorrow and Monday, so a load of coloured laundry out blowing in the breeze. Its not too windy as yet, but again its to get a wild later.

Kitchen cleaned with help from DB. Floor washed and windows cleaned. The window that would not open, has opened this morning, weird, they are coming to look at it next week. We hope to wash down the two kitchen windows and the back door once the weather clears, the rest of the windows will have to wait until we have moved all the plants.

As you can see we still have quite a lot to move and plant.

I put a tea loaf in the oven, we have not had one for ages, the mix was supposed to go in a 1lb tin, no way, it went into the 2lb tin no problem. We will have a slice with our tea tomorrow afternoon, its always better if its left for 24 hours.

We planted 18 plants into the front garden just another 100+ to go although a lot of them will go in the back garden. It was quite warm out in the garden. DB was disappointed the golf from St Andrews was off due to rain, they started to play at 6pm, just when we were having our supper.

Rain due later tonight, not sure if it will last tomorrow as well, but Monday is due to be a very bad day.                        

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  1. Oh, your gardens will be lovely thanks to your diligent planning and hard work! Aren't you and DB pleased at how much better the bungalow looks inside and outside already?

    I can just imagine how good the fragrance of that tea cake was when it was baking!

    Rain is in our forecast for tonight unless it changes as commonly happens but for now it's hot and sunny.



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