Thursday, 30 July 2015


We were up and out just after 9am to go to Lidl and see how their stuff compares with Aldi.

I spent £49 which was not too bad. There were some things I could not get there, but they do have the haddock fillets at £1.99 for 4. so a penny cheaper than Tesco. We have an appointment in Melton next Wednesday so I can nip to Morrisons then. 

I have calmed down a bit from yesterday, still cross, nothing so far from the Dr. if I do not hear today or tomorrow I will be on the dog and bone on Monday. He boobed and he knows it. What makes it worse is that to alter the position of the wire, which will have embedded itself, it will have to be freed. sorry TMI.

DB is taking me up to the quilting group in a bit, just to let them know I am still around!! need to have a few words.........some of them will be stern!! They do not know I am going, want to catch them on the hop!!

We had a very heavy shower of rain as we got back from Lidl. I had a load of laundry in which has had to go on the airer, no point in hanging it out. May be tomorrow will be better, I have two more loads to do.

G almost finished digging the garden yesterday, just a small piece left to do, DB says he will break down the soil in the herbaceous bed and we will get the plants placed. I did fall today and bought 2 plants at Lidl, one is a phlox the other I cannot remember the name of. One pot of lilies have started to come out, there are not as many flowers on the stems as there were last year. Maybe they did not get fed so much in the spring when the flowers were forming.

I moved a pot of the lilies to the corner of the front garden.

The herbaceous border, the two crowns of rhubarb and being moved to the fruit bed.

This is the only but that has not been dug, the bird table is on the piece that is going to be the extension of the grass. Once the weeds are moved the last bit of the garden will be dug.

The sweet corn etc are doing ok.


  1. We have a Lidl closer than Aldi, but there are some things which I just prefer at Aldi, like the Almat washing liquid, so I just stock up on 2 or 3 when I am in the area. I don't find Aldi so much better that it would be worth travelling the extra distance to it. I hope you found most of what you needed in Lidl, anyway, and there are often £5 vouchers still to be found for Lidl now and again. Take care of yourselves xxxx

  2. I'm glad you felt like going out and about today and am glad you bought some flowers to do your soul good (even if they were not hyacinths!).

    How marvelous it will be to have the garden fully planted so it's a pleasant matter to tend it rather than dig long borders.

    Hope the doctor gets back to you promptly as he should and knows he should.

    Big hugs!

  3. Love the pictures you've added of the garden! You, DB, and G have improved it more than 100% even those some of it is just tilled without much planted or growing yet. It certainly was a weedy, overgrown mess when you first viewed the bungalow. Well done!!



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