Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Saturday 4th July

A bright morning, DB tells me it did rain in the night, but no thunder. It does keep clouding over. I hope it does not rain there is a lot going on in the village today, the Hose Fest on the playing fields and the school fete on the village green. There is a huge chestnut tree there and strangely enough the village blacksmith's forge is sheltered by some of the chestnut trees branches.

We will have a walk down later and see whats going on. DB is also going to have a wander over to the sports ground to the bowls. In spite of saying he was not going to play for the rest of this season, I knew he would not be able to resist the lure.

Yesterday we found an electrician in the village, he called round this morning and is going to wire in the cooker for me when it comes. I had a text just after 7am to say the delivery was between 2pm and 7pm, they will text me later with a 2 hour time spot. So tomorrows supper may well be cooked in the new oven!!

I will spent an hour or so in the sewing room this morning sorting stuff out and trying to remember where everything needs to go. I did a swap with DB and had the large bookcase from the shed, the smaller bookcase is now in the cupboard in the hall with my surplus pots and pans on. He has a new one for the shed which he paid for.

The Morrisons delivery came early last night, the chap was passing the village en route to another call, so to save him coming back he dropped the stuff off. The tin cupboard is looking good. We also have a decent stock of sparkling water and loo paper. It was worth doing it, I also got a sack of spuds which will keep us going for a bit. At least if we cannot get out for any reason I know I can get stuff delivered. Now I just need an emergency stock of meat and fish before the winter and we will be sorted.

A couple of hours in the sewing room and its looking better, machine is up in its table, some of the fabric moved but not yet put away. I have put the large cones of thread along the back of the bigger table until I get the cabinet on the wall next time DS2 comes.

Had a call from the delivery man they expect to be with us between 4pm 6pm with the cooker, so I will message the electrician when its here.

Going to spend the afternoon watching Wimbledon.

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