Saturday, 25 July 2015


Bed stripped and sheets etc washed and dried, also did the towels, forecast is dire for tomorrow and most of next week, so strike whilst the iron is hot!!

DB has been playing bowls all day, went out early this morning and arrived back just after 4pm. We have a mystery, cannot find any of his white short sleeved shirts. He had one long sleeved one her wore today, somewhere there are at least 3 short sleeved ones, cannot find them anywhere.

Once DB had gone out I did very ltiitle apart from making a sponge cake and a cheese pie for supper, we will have it with beans.

Fetched the sheets etc in, it went a bit dark, they were dry, did not fancy drying them inside if it rained.

DB arrived back just after 4pm, he had a good time, said he was made very welcome.

The wether has stayed fine, so got the towels dry as well.


  1. Your garden looks like mine with the low fence , I was worried when we first moved here but the neighbours are fine , I dried all my washing there loads outside today including sheets , I ignored the rain clouds and it worked out ok xxx

  2. How wonderful that the new bowls team made DB so very welcome! That bodes well for the fair weather days ahead, doesn't it? Wishing you well in locating the missing short sleeve shirts. Might it be easier to purchase just one more shirt for the weeks of summer to come?

    It sounds like you had a pleasant day, too, and that is so well deserved after all that has been keeping you busy in the last 6 weeks.

    I hope to get back to work on the Christmas quilt pieced border today but that may take more energy than I have.


  3. My fences are 6" high, I hope to lower one to 4" this autumn, it will let so much more light in.

  4. Me again, of course I meant feet not inches.


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