Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Request granted

OK there are still things to be done in the bungalow, shelf units in the kitchen and sewing room, mirrors and lights to put up etc, this is how it looks this morning.

Looking from the door into the hall, door in the corner is to the kitchen

OH's chair and the dresser which now stands in the sitting room, it will be moved if we get the large storage heaters taken out and gas central heating put in.

TV corner, bookcase, basket waiting for logs.

The dresser and the large storage heater, cannot wait for it to be taken out, but it will not be done any time soon.

The dresser back in the hall as it was at the Flat.

Sewing room looking towards the window the new freezer will go to the right of the uplighter.

The bookcases etc 

Bedroom from the doorway

Kitchen, table half up.

Wall unit, the spices etc are on there temporarily till their proper shelf unit gets put up.

The business side of the kitchen.

I will post more pictures when DS2 has been and worked his magic, we have quite a few things still to go up including Grandmas picture and a large mirror either in the sitting room or hall.

DB has cleared up the shed this morning whilst I dittered about in the sewing room and kitchen.

It was a fine but cool morning, after lunch it clouded over.


  1. Cetainly looks organized

  2. Ooops, didn't get to finish that first one! Anyway dear, just wanted to say you look very organized and as if you've been there ages! Looks very comfy too.
    Hugs - Mary

  3. Yeh one of the nosey ones you look well settled and the house looks well

  4. It looks like home so quickly, you must have been at it for hours. The sewing room looks nice and roomy, very handy.

  5. It's really starting to come together now isn't it? Kitchen looks so different now to that first picture when you first had the keys xxx

  6. You have gotten it looking very open and love the windows. That loveseat is the perfect size for the room.

  7. I can't believe how quickly you got organised into your new home - must be all the practice!! :-)

  8. It looks lovely, so light and airy. Im glad you are getting sorted and settling in x Ginny

  9. Ta for the great pictures! The rooms look spacious and pleasantly well lit with sunshine and your sewing room looks like it will house your creativity very well. Love the quilt on your bed, too!

    Well done in getting things so tidy in such a short time period, especially considering your temporary medical limitations. You and DB should be proud of yourselves!


  10. Yes, as I remembered the layout. We had a slightly different arrangement and instead of the corner window in the lounge there was two windows but it all looks very familiar. How cosy it looks, Winter will be lovely with the logs in the fire and the lights glowing. You really do get settled quickly but I know how hard you both work. May you be very happy there. Love Andie xxx

  11. Thanks for posting the pics of your home :) It helps me to better imagine what is going on there when you describe the gardening, layout, unpacking, etc, nosey blighter that I am :P I think it looks wonderfully easy to clean and maintain and that's becoming a factor that is moving further and further up my own list. My house is too big with too much stuff!!!


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