Monday, 27 July 2015


Today has been one of those days, I seem to have been on the go most of the day and done nowt.

First thing. bedroom, bathroom, toilet and sewing room cleaned, sat down for a cup of tea and DB arrived back with DD2. So more tea. Then cooked gammon rolls for lunch with yogurt for DB and DB and an apple for me, more tea.

DD2 set off to get the bus just before 2pm.

DB has broken up the soil in part of the garden near the house and I have placed some of the plants to go in. He then put in two gooseberry bush at the top of the garden. Since then he has been on the phone to the council again about the Japanese Knotweed in the garden and the outstanding repairs. He has just made another cup of tea, with a piece of sponge cake on the side.

The hostas will have to have slug pellets sprinkled round them, slugs love hostas.

I need to do a shopping list, have decided to give Lidl a go this month rather than travel to Aldi in Grantham. We have not heard any more about Aldi building in the town.

DGS has bought a house with his girlfriend, I am not too happy about it, she is 35, Polish and has 2 boys, he is 21, the house is in both names, I can see trouble ahead........ or am I being pessimistic? DGS has used all his savings to put down as a deposit, including money his grandfather gave him as his share of the money GD was leaving to the grandchildren. Hey ho.......


  1. The border in the picture is looking wonderful even before the plants are in! You and DB do well in beautifying each of the gardens you've put your hands to. Applause!!

    It sounds like you and DB are awash in tea today. : )

    Wishing DGS and his sweetie well in their joint commitment in buying the house. He does seem very young to take this step, tho ...

    It's warm and cloudy here today but seems the forecast rain will miss us. A trip to the library is in my near future.


  2. I rather think you got quite a bit done, bedroom, bathroom, toilet and sewing room cleaned, cooked lunch and made pots of tea.

    I think your garden is coming along very nice. You do have very high standards.

    No good worrying about what DGS does. He will have to live with the consequences if this doesn't work out.

    As an expat it does seem like marriage is out of style back in jolly old England. Both my nieces and nephew live with a partner, purchased homes and have not married even after having children together. Doesn't quite sit right with me but I stay quiet on the subject when I am home for a visit.

    Glad to see DB is working so hard and taking care of many of the problems with the council.


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