Sunday, 19 July 2015

It had rained during the night, although when DB went out he said the ground was still hard.

Did not sleep too well last night so did not get up until 9.30 an easy day. Prepped the veg for supper. DB did a bit more at the front garden. I need to go out with the laundry basket and shape the corners of the lawn so DB can dig out the grass for the lavender hedge that going down either side of the front path.

After lunch DB watched the golf, I read a bit and dozed a while. We had some of yesterdays tea bread with butter spread on with our afternoon tea. It was nice and sticky having been left in a tin overnight.

Its a lot cooler today with quite a breeze. It keeps clouding over and the occasional quick shower of rain.

G was painting our next door neighbours fence, he came to do our side, He stopped and had a word with DB.

Nine days and counting till I go to the clinic. It is taking time for me to regain my oommph, I doubt I will ever be as active as I was, but we will see. I am so glad we decided to move here, its such a nice bungalow, reasonable sized rooms, plenty of light and no stairs.......and of course the garden which we will both enjoy. This time next year I hope it will look very different.

My sewing mo jo is still missing a bit, but maybe it will return once the girls have been and collected the bits for the next block in the quilt they are making.

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  1. 3 cheers that things are still progressing indoors and outdoors at your sweet bungalow! Yes, no doubt that a year from now all will look even better than it already does.

    AMIL found that with her pacemaker and when all of her medicine doses were balanced, she felt great, as if she had no medical problems at all even at age 79. I hope that's true for you, too.

    With your new sewing room still unfinished or just finished, I can well imagine your inspiration and creativity have had to take a back seat to just getting settled in the bungalow. Look thru some of your quilting books as you rest, pet some fabric, and soon you'll have some pleasing project in hand or under the needle.



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