Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hung Over Tuesday....

The weather, not me..... its another very grey morning, not raining yet but due so DB tells me.

Up early, council workmen due between 8am and 12 noon, just after 10 now and no sign of them.

Scones baked ready for visitors, need to go and split them and put some butter on. Coffee machine loaded, just needs switching on.

Washed my hair, meant to get DD2 to do it yesterday but forgot, bending over the bath to wash it is not good. Will be glad when the Red Cross get back to us and we see some movement to a shower.

DB starting to prepare the ground where we are going to lay turf.

The quilting ladies did not leave until after 1pm, so a quick lunch. They bought me a lovely orchid, a very deep reddish purple.The workmen have just arrived to sort the kitchen window and the gate, no sign if the electrician for the light in the back bedroom, so shopping to Lidl is cancelled for today. I will be relaxing on the settee.........

Tomorrow is the day for my visit to the pacemaker clinic, fingers crossed I am let out of purdah!!

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  1. What a nice day with quiltie guests, a lovely orchid, fresh scones, and a relaxing arvo.

    Hope the gate and kitchen window are fixed and that the electrician has fixed the sewing room ceiling light.

    We had a much needed torrential downpour that lasted more than an hour. Love it!

    Wishing you well on your pacemaker clinic visit tomorrow and hope they give you the go-ahead to get back to normal activities.



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