Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Funny sort of day

Sun shining and then dark grey clouds scudding by and quite a breeze so a lot cooler than yesterday.

DB dug to the end of one of the front beds, he now has one side bed to do. Then proceeded to finish laying the path into the fruit bed. He walked down to the post office to get some cash out and pick up the TV magazine.

Path into the fruit bed.

The veg garden, slow growing just now.

Off into town this afternoon, we have to collect a letter for the council and also hand in our registration forms for the Electoral Roll. Then to Morrisons to get some shopping and the Drs. DB has a form for her to sign and I need her to check my scar. Its just over a week till I go to the hospital. I am the last person I thought would have heart problems, it just shows what 25 years of stress can do!!

Supper is half cooked, did a beef casserole this morning, just have to heat it up and cook the vegetables when we get back. Enough strawberries for tonight and tomorrow, a good buy at £1.

I need to get my mind fixed on the fact that we now live in a village and make sure I have enough stores in. DB is drinking a lot of milk these days, I do need to alter my mind set a bit. We have a 7 mile journey into town so its got to be do several jobs whilst we are in. I will see what Morrisons have got in their reduced section today in the meat line. Will not be going to Aldi for at least another week.


  1. Applause for the garden work that's been accomplished and for the signs of growth you see in many of the newly planted flowers and veggies!

    I hear you on planning multiple stops when you're in town to make the most of being there. Many places we've lived required that sort of organization on paper and in the cabinets.

    Hope your scar is healing well and that your energy is returning.

    How about some interior piccies? Please and ta! Are your wall cupboards up on the walls?


  2. I too have a lot of stress in my life. I am curious as to your slow heart rate and the need for a pacemaker .... is that a result of stress? I was just diagnosed 2 days ago with bradycardia so I am interested in how to manage the condition. Thanks! And I second the comment for more pics .... we are a nosy lot here in the US ;P

    1. My bradycardia I think had been going on for a long while, although apart from breathlessness I had no other symptoms. It was only when I took my pulse I realised what was going on. I had 2:1 heart block and the treatment is a pacemaker. I have had 25 years of stress with one thing or another, my husband has not enjoyed the best of health which has contributed to my stress levels. My husband has 1st degree heart block and is being treated with medication which has aleviated some of his other symptoms for which I am very grateful.


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