Friday, 31 July 2015


DS2 supposed to be coming, have a feeling he will not DGD has been given the keys to a flat for her and the baby and she wants it decorating BEFORE she moves in on Monday. Just like DS's ex she wants it now. Having said that he turned up about 15 minutes later. So my jobs will get done.

Cheese and tomato sandwiches, he and DB had yogurt, I had an apple and a couple of mugs of tea, for lunch now jobs just starting.

Once he gets going he is like a whirling dervish until everything is done. It will be great to have a decent light in the kitchen and things up on the walls in the kitchen etc.

DB has been on his knees in the garden hand weeding the vegetables, the sweet corn are showing signs of growing. The beans look as if they could do with being watered with epsom salts, the leaves are going yellow, will have to get the book out and check.

Lovely fine sunny day, two loads of laundry out on the whirly, most of which has dried. I still have some ironing to do, will have to do it in the morning. DB is bowling and his white shirt needs ironing. I also have the sheet and duvet cover from our bed to do so it can go in the airing cupboard.

Yesterday G straightened up the tilting clothes post, so I untangled the clothes line from the top and wound a length down the pole and fastened it down with an old tent peg. A hole will be dug and a clematis planted and then tied in to the twisted clothes line. 6 more clematis will be planted on the trellis that DS2 attached to the fence. Fingers crossed they all take.

Might go out in a while and put some of the potted plants out where I want them to go. Then we can plant them at our own pace and wash the pots. Then my friend can come and collect them.

Jobs Done today by DS2, dug out two crown of rhubarb and replanted them in the fruit bed.

Demolished the dog kennel, need to chop the woop up, plenty of kindling for the fire.

Put up the trellis on the fence between us and C. We saw C this morning and asked her permission to put the trellis up, she was quite happy for us to do it.

Put supports in for DB to hang the old medicine cabinet in the shed.

Mirror on the wall in the sitting room

Grandmas picture on the wall behind the settee.

Cross stitch pictures over our bed.

Shelf unit up in the sewing room, have to put everything back on it

New light fitting in the kitchen and the clock rehung where we can see it.

Ana's unit up in the kitchen, I can put the herbs back on it and put the things back on the wall unit.

All told a busy, but successful day, As usual DS2 worked like a whirling dervish. Tea and cake was consumed, then DS2 departed to start decorating DGD's flat ready for her to move in on Monday.
After DS2 had gone we laid out more of the plants in the new herbaceous bed ready for planting out.

We were expecting the warden to call about 5pm, she did not turn up.

I am exhausted!!


  1. Joy, joy!!!!! 3 cheers for wonderfully talented and energetic DS2 and all the much-needed tasks he accomplished all in a day!

    I can just imagine your delight at getting everything back on the shelves where they belong and the pleasure of seeing your lovely pictures and mirror hanging again. I hope the sunshine makes your treasures sparkle on their shelves, tables, and walls.

    Raise a glass on wine for a good day and wonderful help!

    I've gotten one pieced border nearly finished. I need to trim it and add triangles to square off each end. The strips are arranged for the other 3 pieced borders, too.


  2. A good job well done. Your DS2 is a marvel and your home is coming together fast. It all looks very lovely.


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