Friday, 24 July 2015


Its very dull, grey and overcast here this morning, we are told we may get rain later, not grumbling will save watering tonight.

Friday clean sort of done. have not done the kitchen it can wait till tomorrow.

Went into the sewing room and have prepped the block for September and have all the instructions done as well, just in case. DB was messing about in the shed putting up his other shelf unit and unpacking more gardening bits and bobs. No digging today.

It started to rain at lunchtime and has rained all afternoon, not the heavy rain we were forecast, but quite gentle rain, the forecast is for more of the same tomorrow..hey ho.

I went for a siesta this afternoon, wish I hadn't I feel worse now than I did before I went.

Not a lot going on, the cul de sac is quiet. One of the neighbours is away on holiday think they are back tomorrow.

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  1. How marvelous to have gentle rain falling so you and DB could have a quiet, pleasant arvo but am sorry your nap left you feeling worse.

    Well done in having the block and instructions already finished for the September class. Give yourself a pat on the back!



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