Thursday, 16 July 2015

Busy Day

Off to U3A meeting this morning, very amusing talk by an ex policeman. 5 of the girls from the quilting group were there, so a bit of a chat to catch up, also paid the treasurer the rent for the hall at Asfordby.

We did not stay for coffee as we needed to get back to cook lunch. DB has an appointment with his consultant at 4.30 and we wanted to call at Wilkinson's for batteries and a new shade of the sitting room lamp. I decided to cook lunch rather than have to start and cook supper when we get back. It could be a long journey back depending on the rush hour traffic.

Chap came to check the installation of the loo, he also sorted the leak from the handle, the ball had been set too high. Just a few little things outstanding. now. No idea if G is coming tonight to do more of the garden.

G is the son of the lady who lived in the bungalow when it was a prefab. She brought up 6 boys here. G lives in the village and does jobbing gardening and also works for the local farmers at harvest time. He certainly knows the meaning of the word work!! He has a very sweet tooth, I have been giving him a slice of lemon drizzle cake with his cup of tea, its nearly all gone, so will have to make another cake tomorrow and may be a baking of scones.

Back from our visit to the City to see DB's consultant. It would appear that they have been barking up the wrong tree, the dizzies may well have been caused by an irregular heart beat not his blood pressure!! So he has to be weaned off one of his medications and see what happens. We have to go back in October.

We got a new shade for the sitting room lamp and batteries for the door bell, we then went on to Matalan, replaced the small bathroom mirror and got some new tea towels.

The journey back from Leicester was not too bad, once we cleared the city centre traffic it was more or less a clear run.

Its been another sunny day, DB is now out watering the pots in the nursery down the side of the bungalow. I will be doing scrambled eggs on toast when he comes in, we have a bit of lemon drizzle cake left, so will have that for dessert with a scoop of ice cream.


  1. Lovely post today. You sound very busy but happy. Things are slowly getting better for you and I am sure your place is starting to look very smart with your new purchases etc.

    Interesting to hear about G and what a hard worker he is - expect he can tell you anything you want to know about the village etc. You must be a very good baker. Your deserts always sound delicious. Expect G looks forward to them with his cup of tea. I know I would.

    Take care.

  2. What a lot was accomplished today! Well done and I know the delight of a new lampshade as it makes the lamp look bright and new.

    We always avoid early morning or late arvo appts and request midday appts unless there's an emergency. I find it annoying to have to get up and out or to wait all day long until the appt. time finally comes. No fun either way, IMHO.

    When you're less busy, I'm looking forward to more piccies! :)



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