Monday, 20 July 2015

Another Manic Monday


DD2 due around 11am, so a quick flit round with the duster and hoover, so Monday clean done. Bathroom and toilet floor mopped.

Forecast was for rain today, typically the sun is out and its quite warm out there. DB had cleared more weeds from the front garden, but still has to dig it over. He is now faffing about in the back garden.

Meter reader came this morning, he reads the meters for all the council properties, he was saying that as they lay new cables the meters are being put outside so its easier to read them. I need to start posting the weekly readings again. starting from next week.

I need to get out and sort out the plants, I think we will need quite a few more, so either a trip to a garden open day or our local nursery may well be on, no pocket money for me for a while. We also need ericaceous  compost for the azalea. Its needs the old compost scraping off the top and fresh putting on. I also want to move the lilies into the back garden, they are almost ready to burst out.

Quick trip into town today, I am so fed up with DB's plate coming out when it shouldn't I made him make an appointmebt at the dentist, so a quick trip for impressions and 5 more appointments before he gets his plate, then I guess a lot of moaning until he gets used to it, been there, got the tee shirt!! I bought a reduced carton of Perthshire strawberries for dessert tonight.

We have had threatening clouds all afternoon, its not really rained, but its very dark just now, we might be in for a soaking it will save having to water tonight. The plants in the front we put in yesterday are standing very well, so more water will really help.

Just renewed my car insurance, did it through Quidco so should get some cash back in a couple of months......all good.

Fried eggs and wedges for supper, strawberries and ice cream for dessert......

I bought a bottle of Rose wine when we were in Aldi, Grove Farm I think, its really nice, I smelt strawberries when I opened the bottle, it drinks very nicely cold from the fridge.


  1. I never see Rose at our Aldi here, but they a have a nice NZ Sauvignon Blanc called Sunshine Bay which, when well-chilled, is very drinkable on these stifling hot/humid days - 104F today!

    Garden chores sound like hard work - I've had to give up on mine it's too hot for more than 5 mins. outside!

    Mary x

  2. When I knew you were moving into what had been a prefab I knew you would be contented. Just knew it, they have something about them and are easy to look after, I can remember the Summers living in one and the smell of the clove pinks coming into every window. My mum used to grow peas on the blank wall; she went round one day to find two little boys eating their fill! and another day an old gentleman knocked on the door with a sixpence in his hand asking it he could have peas worth just that much for his ill wife. Happy Days, may it be the same for you two. Love Andie xxx

  3. Glad to hear that things are settling down and you and DB can soon get back to enjoying peace and quiet with pleasant gardening, sewing, reading, and such.

    FIL was nuts and refused to believe that his 30 year old dentures wouldn't fit any more because his gums had shrunk due to his age. He thought as long as they weren't broken, they should fit. Duh!

    My Monday has been busy and it is blazing HOT here. We're having to water our potted tomatoes daily as there's been no recent rain.

    I tried a new recipe for Cake Box Scotchies (butterscotch) and when the baking time was up, they were nowhere near done. Back in the over. Bother!



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