Wednesday, 29 July 2015

AArrhhhhhhgggg what a blessed time for nothing.

G turned up this morning to finish off most of the herbaceous border after he had given M's shed and fence another coat of preservative.

We set off for the hospital, a quick call at Matalan and Wilkinson and ten on to the pacemaker ckinic.

Appointment at 3.20pm. it was about 5 minutes late when I was taken. 45 minutes later I was still having the pacemaker checked, ended up having to wait and see the registrar, go for an Xray, and then wait for the registrar to come back. The technicians did not realise I knew what they were talking about and I was not going to enlighten them. Registrar said that the tech'ies were not happy with the pressure in the right atria of my heart. X Ray back. Wondering if the wire had moved. Registrar back, having spoken to the consultant,wire in the same place as when it was put in, quite happy for me to go home, but they would be contacting the Dr who put the wires and pacemaker in to see what he wanted to do. I told her that there was no way I was having the procedure done again unless I was given a local again and no morphine. We left the hospital almost 3 hours after we arrived, costing us £4.50 in parking charges. It took us over an hour to get back to the bungalow thanks to the traffic.

I am exhausted, and still no better off, faced with another trip to the hospital and still not able to drive or do the garden. If I have to have the wire replaced I am right back to square one. You can may be guess I am not a happy bunny!!


  1. BOTHER!! I am so sorry there seems to be a set-back due to the pacing wire placement but could that be why you've continued to feel so tired? Hope you don't get any back talk about having a general anesthetic if you need another procedure. Certainly stand firm on no more morphine. Perhaps you should just list morphine as an allergy so they cannot quibble.

    Wish I could be there to help in some way, if only as a sympathetic ear as you vent your frustrations.

    Have some wine!

    Big hugs!

  2. Dang! I'm so sorry. Here's to hoping the thing straightens out on its own. I sure hope you don't have to have the surgery again. I've heard that the wires are a devil to place. But with the amount of surgeries they do these days you'd think they would have perfected it by now.
    And I hate morphine, too! It is the vilest stuff ever invented.

  3. Sending good vibes. Let's hope that things settle down. Hospitals never seem to grasp that while it is an appointment to them, it's your life and it's stressful and upsetting and difficult for you. I hope you can avoid the morphine. WS xxx

  4. Sorry to hear things did not go as planned, so frustrating for you.
    The waiting between appointments is so difficult too.
    Here's hoping all gets storted out soon.
    Best wishes,
    Pam in Texas.xx

  5. I hope they can sort it out for you soon Chick.


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