Friday, 17 July 2015

4 Weeks and counting

since I had the pacemaker put in, another 2 weeks and I should be out of purdah!!

DB loves the stairs here, he brought me my breakfast in bed again this morning, I was a bit dozy first thing.......

Last night there was a metalic clang just after we had gone to bed, discovered this morning the rail holding the net at the bedroom window had collapsed and was sitting on the window cill.

Threw the duster and Dyson round the sitting room and also cleaned the windows inside, cannot do any more today so the kitchen will have to wait until tomorrow when DB can give me a hand. He has taken more of the stuff out of the front garden. Later we will put some of the pots where we think they might go in the garden. I will post before and after photos later.

Hey Ho OH has just had a fight with the local council, we had a DD notification yesterday from the council saying they were taking £200 more than our contracted rent out of our bank for the next 8 months. Today we get a notice saying we have to re-apply for benefit.....Why when the paper work was done 2 months ago and the outreach worker who came to see us phoned the office whilst she was here and ascertained that in fact they had all the paper work they needed. It had been shoved in a tray under a load of other paperwork.........he was on the phone for half an hour, because the paper work had not been touched we are now technically in arrears, not our fault, that means when they take the first payment on 1st August they will take 2 months rent. God Knows when the actual benefit will come through.

Afternoon tea over, we are off into the front to sort out some of the planting.

Will see tomorrow if I still think they are in the right place and OH will put them in. You can see the chain link fence I want to use as framework for the Clematis Montana.


  1. So glad you and DB are settling in and you had breakfast in bed, too. You're also getting back to your routine cleaning schedule that that's got to please you, too.

    I can imagine how delighted your new neighbors are at how pretty the gardens are becoming thanks to DB, G, and you.

    Bother about the buried paperwork at the planning office and since it's their fault, it seems they shouldn't charge you more until THEY have it properly sorted.


  2. I was just thinking that not only are you renting a house but Edwin got an allotment along with it. You were so productive with the allotment and gardening for food that this is a wonderful benefit. Government mess ups are no fun. That is what I worked on for 15 years, fixing problems of all kinds with people's IRS or Inland Revenue problems and they could be minor or hugely major. ana

  3. Hugs. Hope the paperwork gets sorted quickly.


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