Friday, 31 July 2015


DS2 supposed to be coming, have a feeling he will not DGD has been given the keys to a flat for her and the baby and she wants it decorating BEFORE she moves in on Monday. Just like DS's ex she wants it now. Having said that he turned up about 15 minutes later. So my jobs will get done.

Cheese and tomato sandwiches, he and DB had yogurt, I had an apple and a couple of mugs of tea, for lunch now jobs just starting.

Once he gets going he is like a whirling dervish until everything is done. It will be great to have a decent light in the kitchen and things up on the walls in the kitchen etc.

DB has been on his knees in the garden hand weeding the vegetables, the sweet corn are showing signs of growing. The beans look as if they could do with being watered with epsom salts, the leaves are going yellow, will have to get the book out and check.

Lovely fine sunny day, two loads of laundry out on the whirly, most of which has dried. I still have some ironing to do, will have to do it in the morning. DB is bowling and his white shirt needs ironing. I also have the sheet and duvet cover from our bed to do so it can go in the airing cupboard.

Yesterday G straightened up the tilting clothes post, so I untangled the clothes line from the top and wound a length down the pole and fastened it down with an old tent peg. A hole will be dug and a clematis planted and then tied in to the twisted clothes line. 6 more clematis will be planted on the trellis that DS2 attached to the fence. Fingers crossed they all take.

Might go out in a while and put some of the potted plants out where I want them to go. Then we can plant them at our own pace and wash the pots. Then my friend can come and collect them.

Jobs Done today by DS2, dug out two crown of rhubarb and replanted them in the fruit bed.

Demolished the dog kennel, need to chop the woop up, plenty of kindling for the fire.

Put up the trellis on the fence between us and C. We saw C this morning and asked her permission to put the trellis up, she was quite happy for us to do it.

Put supports in for DB to hang the old medicine cabinet in the shed.

Mirror on the wall in the sitting room

Grandmas picture on the wall behind the settee.

Cross stitch pictures over our bed.

Shelf unit up in the sewing room, have to put everything back on it

New light fitting in the kitchen and the clock rehung where we can see it.

Ana's unit up in the kitchen, I can put the herbs back on it and put the things back on the wall unit.

All told a busy, but successful day, As usual DS2 worked like a whirling dervish. Tea and cake was consumed, then DS2 departed to start decorating DGD's flat ready for her to move in on Monday.
After DS2 had gone we laid out more of the plants in the new herbaceous bed ready for planting out.

We were expecting the warden to call about 5pm, she did not turn up.

I am exhausted!!

Thursday, 30 July 2015


We were up and out just after 9am to go to Lidl and see how their stuff compares with Aldi.

I spent £49 which was not too bad. There were some things I could not get there, but they do have the haddock fillets at £1.99 for 4. so a penny cheaper than Tesco. We have an appointment in Melton next Wednesday so I can nip to Morrisons then. 

I have calmed down a bit from yesterday, still cross, nothing so far from the Dr. if I do not hear today or tomorrow I will be on the dog and bone on Monday. He boobed and he knows it. What makes it worse is that to alter the position of the wire, which will have embedded itself, it will have to be freed. sorry TMI.

DB is taking me up to the quilting group in a bit, just to let them know I am still around!! need to have a few words.........some of them will be stern!! They do not know I am going, want to catch them on the hop!!

We had a very heavy shower of rain as we got back from Lidl. I had a load of laundry in which has had to go on the airer, no point in hanging it out. May be tomorrow will be better, I have two more loads to do.

G almost finished digging the garden yesterday, just a small piece left to do, DB says he will break down the soil in the herbaceous bed and we will get the plants placed. I did fall today and bought 2 plants at Lidl, one is a phlox the other I cannot remember the name of. One pot of lilies have started to come out, there are not as many flowers on the stems as there were last year. Maybe they did not get fed so much in the spring when the flowers were forming.

I moved a pot of the lilies to the corner of the front garden.

The herbaceous border, the two crowns of rhubarb and being moved to the fruit bed.

This is the only but that has not been dug, the bird table is on the piece that is going to be the extension of the grass. Once the weeds are moved the last bit of the garden will be dug.

The sweet corn etc are doing ok.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

AArrhhhhhhgggg what a blessed time for nothing.

G turned up this morning to finish off most of the herbaceous border after he had given M's shed and fence another coat of preservative.

We set off for the hospital, a quick call at Matalan and Wilkinson and ten on to the pacemaker ckinic.

Appointment at 3.20pm. it was about 5 minutes late when I was taken. 45 minutes later I was still having the pacemaker checked, ended up having to wait and see the registrar, go for an Xray, and then wait for the registrar to come back. The technicians did not realise I knew what they were talking about and I was not going to enlighten them. Registrar said that the tech'ies were not happy with the pressure in the right atria of my heart. X Ray back. Wondering if the wire had moved. Registrar back, having spoken to the consultant,wire in the same place as when it was put in, quite happy for me to go home, but they would be contacting the Dr who put the wires and pacemaker in to see what he wanted to do. I told her that there was no way I was having the procedure done again unless I was given a local again and no morphine. We left the hospital almost 3 hours after we arrived, costing us £4.50 in parking charges. It took us over an hour to get back to the bungalow thanks to the traffic.

I am exhausted, and still no better off, faced with another trip to the hospital and still not able to drive or do the garden. If I have to have the wire replaced I am right back to square one. You can may be guess I am not a happy bunny!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hung Over Tuesday....

The weather, not me..... its another very grey morning, not raining yet but due so DB tells me.

Up early, council workmen due between 8am and 12 noon, just after 10 now and no sign of them.

Scones baked ready for visitors, need to go and split them and put some butter on. Coffee machine loaded, just needs switching on.

Washed my hair, meant to get DD2 to do it yesterday but forgot, bending over the bath to wash it is not good. Will be glad when the Red Cross get back to us and we see some movement to a shower.

DB starting to prepare the ground where we are going to lay turf.

The quilting ladies did not leave until after 1pm, so a quick lunch. They bought me a lovely orchid, a very deep reddish purple.The workmen have just arrived to sort the kitchen window and the gate, no sign if the electrician for the light in the back bedroom, so shopping to Lidl is cancelled for today. I will be relaxing on the settee.........

Tomorrow is the day for my visit to the pacemaker clinic, fingers crossed I am let out of purdah!!

Monday, 27 July 2015


Today has been one of those days, I seem to have been on the go most of the day and done nowt.

First thing. bedroom, bathroom, toilet and sewing room cleaned, sat down for a cup of tea and DB arrived back with DD2. So more tea. Then cooked gammon rolls for lunch with yogurt for DB and DB and an apple for me, more tea.

DD2 set off to get the bus just before 2pm.

DB has broken up the soil in part of the garden near the house and I have placed some of the plants to go in. He then put in two gooseberry bush at the top of the garden. Since then he has been on the phone to the council again about the Japanese Knotweed in the garden and the outstanding repairs. He has just made another cup of tea, with a piece of sponge cake on the side.

The hostas will have to have slug pellets sprinkled round them, slugs love hostas.

I need to do a shopping list, have decided to give Lidl a go this month rather than travel to Aldi in Grantham. We have not heard any more about Aldi building in the town.

DGS has bought a house with his girlfriend, I am not too happy about it, she is 35, Polish and has 2 boys, he is 21, the house is in both names, I can see trouble ahead........ or am I being pessimistic? DGS has used all his savings to put down as a deposit, including money his grandfather gave him as his share of the money GD was leaving to the grandchildren. Hey ho.......

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Lazy Lie Abed

It was almost 10am before I put my foot out of bed. OH was finishing the digging in the front garden, All I need to do now is to put the rest of the plants in. I will leave spaces for the daffodil and tulip bulbs I am going to put in for the spring.

G was giving M's fence and shed another coat of preservative, we had a quick chat over the fence, shortened when it came on to rain.

After lunch we had a quick trip to C & C plants at Scalford, I did succumb to a couple of plants.

These displays are for a wedding next month

The balls are to hang from the ceiling at the reception.

It stopped raining on the way home, but by the time we had made tea it was pouring again.

DB has an appointment for his INR tomorrow he is going to pick DD2 up and will bring her over. She is having the cast iron casserole dish I can no longer manager and also the pressure cooker. I tried the new microwave pressure cooker this morning, it cooked the gammon joint in half the time it took the old one.35 minutes instead of over an hour.

We are having gammon, salad and a jacket spud for supper, banana and ice cream to follow.

I have a birthday next month, this is half mine, the other half is DB's It will go in the shed in its box until next spring when we will put it up and peg it down. DB will be able to sow his seeds, I  can bring on plants for the garden as well.

Saturday, 25 July 2015


Bed stripped and sheets etc washed and dried, also did the towels, forecast is dire for tomorrow and most of next week, so strike whilst the iron is hot!!

DB has been playing bowls all day, went out early this morning and arrived back just after 4pm. We have a mystery, cannot find any of his white short sleeved shirts. He had one long sleeved one her wore today, somewhere there are at least 3 short sleeved ones, cannot find them anywhere.

Once DB had gone out I did very ltiitle apart from making a sponge cake and a cheese pie for supper, we will have it with beans.

Fetched the sheets etc in, it went a bit dark, they were dry, did not fancy drying them inside if it rained.

DB arrived back just after 4pm, he had a good time, said he was made very welcome.

The wether has stayed fine, so got the towels dry as well.

Friday, 24 July 2015


Its very dull, grey and overcast here this morning, we are told we may get rain later, not grumbling will save watering tonight.

Friday clean sort of done. have not done the kitchen it can wait till tomorrow.

Went into the sewing room and have prepped the block for September and have all the instructions done as well, just in case. DB was messing about in the shed putting up his other shelf unit and unpacking more gardening bits and bobs. No digging today.

It started to rain at lunchtime and has rained all afternoon, not the heavy rain we were forecast, but quite gentle rain, the forecast is for more of the same tomorrow..hey ho.

I went for a siesta this afternoon, wish I hadn't I feel worse now than I did before I went.

Not a lot going on, the cul de sac is quiet. One of the neighbours is away on holiday think they are back tomorrow.


My mobile phone woke me this morning just after 7pm giving me notice of the time the freezer would be delivered, between 12pm and 4pm, it actually arrived at 1.30. It is standing just now to let the gas settle before I plug it in.

Two other parcels I was waiting for arrived as well, so all deliveries are caught up and the purse is welded shut. The new fire grate arrived, so need DS2 to come and sort it out, it has to be sealed to the grate opening with fire cement.

DB spent time in the garden this morning he has almost finished digging over the beds at the front. I need to sort out plants to go in. I am possibly going to put the two pots with the lilies in just for a bit of a show till I can sort out some permanent planting.

I seem to have spent most of the day bimbling about and not doing much. Supper is liver and bacon. The veggies are done, it just needs cooking now.

It is quite a bit cooler today, I have reverted to my fleece jacket and DB is back in his track suit. The sun comes out for a brief burst and then goes in again.

Finished the cafe curtain for the bathroom, its not perfect but it will do.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Request granted

OK there are still things to be done in the bungalow, shelf units in the kitchen and sewing room, mirrors and lights to put up etc, this is how it looks this morning.

Looking from the door into the hall, door in the corner is to the kitchen

OH's chair and the dresser which now stands in the sitting room, it will be moved if we get the large storage heaters taken out and gas central heating put in.

TV corner, bookcase, basket waiting for logs.

The dresser and the large storage heater, cannot wait for it to be taken out, but it will not be done any time soon.

The dresser back in the hall as it was at the Flat.

Sewing room looking towards the window the new freezer will go to the right of the uplighter.

The bookcases etc 

Bedroom from the doorway

Kitchen, table half up.

Wall unit, the spices etc are on there temporarily till their proper shelf unit gets put up.

The business side of the kitchen.

I will post more pictures when DS2 has been and worked his magic, we have quite a few things still to go up including Grandmas picture and a large mirror either in the sitting room or hall.

DB has cleared up the shed this morning whilst I dittered about in the sewing room and kitchen.

It was a fine but cool morning, after lunch it clouded over.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Funny sort of day

Sun shining and then dark grey clouds scudding by and quite a breeze so a lot cooler than yesterday.

DB dug to the end of one of the front beds, he now has one side bed to do. Then proceeded to finish laying the path into the fruit bed. He walked down to the post office to get some cash out and pick up the TV magazine.

Path into the fruit bed.

The veg garden, slow growing just now.

Off into town this afternoon, we have to collect a letter for the council and also hand in our registration forms for the Electoral Roll. Then to Morrisons to get some shopping and the Drs. DB has a form for her to sign and I need her to check my scar. Its just over a week till I go to the hospital. I am the last person I thought would have heart problems, it just shows what 25 years of stress can do!!

Supper is half cooked, did a beef casserole this morning, just have to heat it up and cook the vegetables when we get back. Enough strawberries for tonight and tomorrow, a good buy at £1.

I need to get my mind fixed on the fact that we now live in a village and make sure I have enough stores in. DB is drinking a lot of milk these days, I do need to alter my mind set a bit. We have a 7 mile journey into town so its got to be do several jobs whilst we are in. I will see what Morrisons have got in their reduced section today in the meat line. Will not be going to Aldi for at least another week.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Another Manic Monday


DD2 due around 11am, so a quick flit round with the duster and hoover, so Monday clean done. Bathroom and toilet floor mopped.

Forecast was for rain today, typically the sun is out and its quite warm out there. DB had cleared more weeds from the front garden, but still has to dig it over. He is now faffing about in the back garden.

Meter reader came this morning, he reads the meters for all the council properties, he was saying that as they lay new cables the meters are being put outside so its easier to read them. I need to start posting the weekly readings again. starting from next week.

I need to get out and sort out the plants, I think we will need quite a few more, so either a trip to a garden open day or our local nursery may well be on, no pocket money for me for a while. We also need ericaceous  compost for the azalea. Its needs the old compost scraping off the top and fresh putting on. I also want to move the lilies into the back garden, they are almost ready to burst out.

Quick trip into town today, I am so fed up with DB's plate coming out when it shouldn't I made him make an appointmebt at the dentist, so a quick trip for impressions and 5 more appointments before he gets his plate, then I guess a lot of moaning until he gets used to it, been there, got the tee shirt!! I bought a reduced carton of Perthshire strawberries for dessert tonight.

We have had threatening clouds all afternoon, its not really rained, but its very dark just now, we might be in for a soaking it will save having to water tonight. The plants in the front we put in yesterday are standing very well, so more water will really help.

Just renewed my car insurance, did it through Quidco so should get some cash back in a couple of months......all good.

Fried eggs and wedges for supper, strawberries and ice cream for dessert......

I bought a bottle of Rose wine when we were in Aldi, Grove Farm I think, its really nice, I smelt strawberries when I opened the bottle, it drinks very nicely cold from the fridge.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

It had rained during the night, although when DB went out he said the ground was still hard.

Did not sleep too well last night so did not get up until 9.30 an easy day. Prepped the veg for supper. DB did a bit more at the front garden. I need to go out with the laundry basket and shape the corners of the lawn so DB can dig out the grass for the lavender hedge that going down either side of the front path.

After lunch DB watched the golf, I read a bit and dozed a while. We had some of yesterdays tea bread with butter spread on with our afternoon tea. It was nice and sticky having been left in a tin overnight.

Its a lot cooler today with quite a breeze. It keeps clouding over and the occasional quick shower of rain.

G was painting our next door neighbours fence, he came to do our side, He stopped and had a word with DB.

Nine days and counting till I go to the clinic. It is taking time for me to regain my oommph, I doubt I will ever be as active as I was, but we will see. I am so glad we decided to move here, its such a nice bungalow, reasonable sized rooms, plenty of light and no stairs.......and of course the garden which we will both enjoy. This time next year I hope it will look very different.

My sewing mo jo is still missing a bit, but maybe it will return once the girls have been and collected the bits for the next block in the quilt they are making.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Sunny Saturday?

Not really, it was sunny first thing, but had clouded over. Rain is forecast for tomorrow and Monday, so a load of coloured laundry out blowing in the breeze. Its not too windy as yet, but again its to get a wild later.

Kitchen cleaned with help from DB. Floor washed and windows cleaned. The window that would not open, has opened this morning, weird, they are coming to look at it next week. We hope to wash down the two kitchen windows and the back door once the weather clears, the rest of the windows will have to wait until we have moved all the plants.

As you can see we still have quite a lot to move and plant.

I put a tea loaf in the oven, we have not had one for ages, the mix was supposed to go in a 1lb tin, no way, it went into the 2lb tin no problem. We will have a slice with our tea tomorrow afternoon, its always better if its left for 24 hours.

We planted 18 plants into the front garden just another 100+ to go although a lot of them will go in the back garden. It was quite warm out in the garden. DB was disappointed the golf from St Andrews was off due to rain, they started to play at 6pm, just when we were having our supper.

Rain due later tonight, not sure if it will last tomorrow as well, but Monday is due to be a very bad day.                        

Friday, 17 July 2015

4 Weeks and counting

since I had the pacemaker put in, another 2 weeks and I should be out of purdah!!

DB loves the stairs here, he brought me my breakfast in bed again this morning, I was a bit dozy first thing.......

Last night there was a metalic clang just after we had gone to bed, discovered this morning the rail holding the net at the bedroom window had collapsed and was sitting on the window cill.

Threw the duster and Dyson round the sitting room and also cleaned the windows inside, cannot do any more today so the kitchen will have to wait until tomorrow when DB can give me a hand. He has taken more of the stuff out of the front garden. Later we will put some of the pots where we think they might go in the garden. I will post before and after photos later.

Hey Ho OH has just had a fight with the local council, we had a DD notification yesterday from the council saying they were taking £200 more than our contracted rent out of our bank for the next 8 months. Today we get a notice saying we have to re-apply for benefit.....Why when the paper work was done 2 months ago and the outreach worker who came to see us phoned the office whilst she was here and ascertained that in fact they had all the paper work they needed. It had been shoved in a tray under a load of other paperwork.........he was on the phone for half an hour, because the paper work had not been touched we are now technically in arrears, not our fault, that means when they take the first payment on 1st August they will take 2 months rent. God Knows when the actual benefit will come through.

Afternoon tea over, we are off into the front to sort out some of the planting.

Will see tomorrow if I still think they are in the right place and OH will put them in. You can see the chain link fence I want to use as framework for the Clematis Montana.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Busy Day

Off to U3A meeting this morning, very amusing talk by an ex policeman. 5 of the girls from the quilting group were there, so a bit of a chat to catch up, also paid the treasurer the rent for the hall at Asfordby.

We did not stay for coffee as we needed to get back to cook lunch. DB has an appointment with his consultant at 4.30 and we wanted to call at Wilkinson's for batteries and a new shade of the sitting room lamp. I decided to cook lunch rather than have to start and cook supper when we get back. It could be a long journey back depending on the rush hour traffic.

Chap came to check the installation of the loo, he also sorted the leak from the handle, the ball had been set too high. Just a few little things outstanding. now. No idea if G is coming tonight to do more of the garden.

G is the son of the lady who lived in the bungalow when it was a prefab. She brought up 6 boys here. G lives in the village and does jobbing gardening and also works for the local farmers at harvest time. He certainly knows the meaning of the word work!! He has a very sweet tooth, I have been giving him a slice of lemon drizzle cake with his cup of tea, its nearly all gone, so will have to make another cake tomorrow and may be a baking of scones.

Back from our visit to the City to see DB's consultant. It would appear that they have been barking up the wrong tree, the dizzies may well have been caused by an irregular heart beat not his blood pressure!! So he has to be weaned off one of his medications and see what happens. We have to go back in October.

We got a new shade for the sitting room lamp and batteries for the door bell, we then went on to Matalan, replaced the small bathroom mirror and got some new tea towels.

The journey back from Leicester was not too bad, once we cleared the city centre traffic it was more or less a clear run.

Its been another sunny day, DB is now out watering the pots in the nursery down the side of the bungalow. I will be doing scrambled eggs on toast when he comes in, we have a bit of lemon drizzle cake left, so will have that for dessert with a scoop of ice cream.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

I just want to say thank you to all of you who sent good wishes, I am sorry you have had to wait so long, we are both ok especially now I can get into my bank account and see the damage!!

I know that some of you contacted my daughter Claire on facebook, she did tell me each time someone asked.

Hopefully things will get back to normal now.

We have a visit to see DB's specialist tomorrow, since he changed the medication for his palps he has not had a dizzy.......he is still getting a couple of attacks of palpitations a month, but I am thankful that so far the medication seems to be holding back his dizzy spells which were the things that put me under so much stress.

I have 2 weeks to go before I go back to the pacemaker clinic. So far so good. It is obvious to me now that I had been far from well for some time and its going to take time for me to get back to normal, or what passes for normal in my case. By the time I realised what was going on I was in 2 -1 heart block, not good, especially when the night nurse wakes you up and asks you to sleep sitting up as your heart rate has dropped to 30 beats a minute.......

We are back

on line again, not a happy bunny with Plusnet and will be making my feelings known you can bet on that.

I did keep a journal through the days we were off line, but blogger will not let me publish the entries, so unless I can find out why you will have to just imagine what has gone on.

We managed to get hold of G, he has spent 2 Sundays and lst night digging over the garden.

Men at work, well G is DB is chatting to our neighbour.

The start of the herbaceous bed.

The veg plot with some of the plants in.


Fruit bed.

Looking towards the bungalow, beans and leeks in.

The composter, we emptied the compost in it into bags and brought it over, the compost is getting dug in.

DB has also started on the front garden, digging out the weeds and also the yellow poppies before they set seed. I have cut off the seed heads of the red poppies. hopefully they will get sown next year.

Front garden

Sitting room carpets down and curtains up.

Our bedroom

Sewing room.

Will post this now put more piccies om tomorrow.

Saturday 4th July

A bright morning, DB tells me it did rain in the night, but no thunder. It does keep clouding over. I hope it does not rain there is a lot going on in the village today, the Hose Fest on the playing fields and the school fete on the village green. There is a huge chestnut tree there and strangely enough the village blacksmith's forge is sheltered by some of the chestnut trees branches.

We will have a walk down later and see whats going on. DB is also going to have a wander over to the sports ground to the bowls. In spite of saying he was not going to play for the rest of this season, I knew he would not be able to resist the lure.

Yesterday we found an electrician in the village, he called round this morning and is going to wire in the cooker for me when it comes. I had a text just after 7am to say the delivery was between 2pm and 7pm, they will text me later with a 2 hour time spot. So tomorrows supper may well be cooked in the new oven!!

I will spent an hour or so in the sewing room this morning sorting stuff out and trying to remember where everything needs to go. I did a swap with DB and had the large bookcase from the shed, the smaller bookcase is now in the cupboard in the hall with my surplus pots and pans on. He has a new one for the shed which he paid for.

The Morrisons delivery came early last night, the chap was passing the village en route to another call, so to save him coming back he dropped the stuff off. The tin cupboard is looking good. We also have a decent stock of sparkling water and loo paper. It was worth doing it, I also got a sack of spuds which will keep us going for a bit. At least if we cannot get out for any reason I know I can get stuff delivered. Now I just need an emergency stock of meat and fish before the winter and we will be sorted.

A couple of hours in the sewing room and its looking better, machine is up in its table, some of the fabric moved but not yet put away. I have put the large cones of thread along the back of the bigger table until I get the cabinet on the wall next time DS2 comes.

Had a call from the delivery man they expect to be with us between 4pm 6pm with the cooker, so I will message the electrician when its here.

Going to spend the afternoon watching Wimbledon.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Monday 29th June.

The removers arrived on time and started getting stuck in, OH took me over to the bungalow out of the way so I did not get stresses again. Hmmmmmm funny.

It had all the makings of a very hot day so back door and front window open to allow the breeze through.

I sat on the floor and connected up the TV, freestat box and the router for the internet. Went to go on the internet and a message came up saying as I had not paid the Talktalk bill there was no service on either the phone or internet!! I have never had Talk talk, but I knew straight away what had happened, the previous tennant had skipped without paying her bill. Phoned talk talk and after about an hour on the phone was told to phone Plusnet who are my provider. Did I have the number? No it was on my computer which I could not access……gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr in the middle of this the removers arrived and started to unload. When the chap came to do the estimate I had a feeling he had not estimated accurately, and so it proved, they had to make a third journey back to load up the last of the plants in big pots.

DD2 had come over to help, DB took her home with the linen basket full of washing and then went back to wait for the removers.

DB followed the removers over. We had previously had a disaster the fridge freezer would not go into the space, I rang to get permission for the skirting board taken off…..still would not go in, so at the moment it is stuck in the kitchen, we cannot open the fridge doors if the drop leaf table is down, so we have to make sure everything is out before we set the table. I am so cross, I measured the space but did not realise the carcass is bigger than the doors themselves. We also had a bit of a problem with the bedroom furniture, but we have sorted that ok.

DD2 arrived having come over on the bus so she could see where the stops etc were. She unpacked a lot more stuff but the back bedroom is full to the brim.

We went over to our neighbours so I could use their phone to ring and sort out our phone and broadband. We have to have a new line in and a new telephone number. First time they could make it is 7th July, a week today.

The happenings were not finished even then. The people supplying my cooker rang to say that it was out of stock and they did not know when they were going to get it in again aaarrgggg……………I cannot choose another one because I cannot get on line, so for another week we have no chance of sorting a cooker and also a fridge freezer which will fit into the gap we have, plus I have to ring the council and ask them to come and put the skirting board back.

I was glad to go to bed last night.

Tuesday 30th June.

Well, its bright and sunny, there is a breeze, we have the back door open so it can come through into the sitting room.

We were both very tired and slept ok, DB got up and brought my breakfast through and we have sorted the wardrobe and put everything back where it should be. We have a small built in wardrobe in our room, I have put all the coats etc in there out of the way.

DS2 arrived just before lunch, he has managed to get the fridge freezer in where it should go. Hooray!! He has saved me around £400 for a new one.

We went off after lunch to meet the agent doing the inventory, as usual everything was fine and she is recommending that we get the deposit back, she took the details for the money to be paid into our bank account. I remembered last night I had left a couple of bits to the microwave in the electric oven, so we rescued them, we also read the meters.

When we got back most of the jobs had been done, shelf units up, wheel barrow made up, whirly concreted in. Bits put up in the bathroom and toilet and more important the toilet door back on.

He stayed for his supper and then went on his way home.

The two younger children have really proved their worth this move, we are so grateful to them. I am still not able to do a lot, an hour or so and I have to sit down and have a drink.

When we got back this afternoon I sat on the settee and went to sleep for over an hour, I hope its not too hot to sleep tonight, will have to put the fan on before we go to bed.

So far the back bedroom does not seem to be emptying, but I know it is. Now I have the shelf unit in the hall cupboard things like the bread maker and ice cream maker can go on the shelves along with pans I do not use regularly and also the soup pan.

We gave up after DD2 had left and watched TV and then went to bed.

Wednesday 1st July.

DB woke me at 6.45 he had palpitations, brilliant....... so a very slow morning. He had to go to our neighbours and cancel his INR appointment this morning. I just cannot risk him driving and I am not to drive for another 5 weeks.

We adopted our new way of 'showering', I filled the bottom of the bath with warm water, got in and knelt down, washed myself and got out, DB could not kneel down, despite telling me he could, so I did his back and legs whilst he did the rest. Its not a long term solution, we need a level entry shower, but until the powers that be sort themselves out it will have to do.

One things that has surprised me is the water pressure, the cold water is very high.

We are running out of things and I need to get the food boxes unpacked and the bread maker sorted so we can have bread. If I can do that we can survive until Friday when we go into town
DD2 is coming then to help us finish unpacking and we will hopefully get the place sorted.

It has been a horrible hot day, we gave up trying to unpack at lunch time, it was too hot.

Another problem reared its head, DS2 fixed the outlet for the washing machine, he did not check the intake, I tried to put it water. DB had another trip to our neighbours to try and sort out a plumber. To the present time we are still waiting!! no washing done today. I also discovered that my scales would not work, I think they had been packed with the battery button pressed in, so thanks to B lending me hers I have a loaf on. Fish and wedges for supper. I did unearth one box with food in and found a chocolate whip that DB likes, so its in the fridge.

I made DB sit this afternoon, I had a nap on the settee, it got so hot I went and fetched the fan out and put it in the sitting room to try and keep cool. We heard thunder at lunch time but nothing came of it and it was soon roasting again. Plenty of cool drinks.

We decided to become tennis fans and sat watching Wimbledon on TV. I am so glad we were not there, it was boiling.

The sun finally lost its power around 8pm, so DB went out and watered all the plants.

Thursday 2nd July

Very warm at bedtime, we had a quick swill in cool water which helped along with the fan in the bedroom. Slept ok, woke at 5am again but went back to sleep until DB woke just before 8am.

Much cooler this morning a nice breeze, the sun is out, but we are told it will not get so hot today, phew.

DB has an appointment for his delayed INR at 6.40pm tonight, so I am going to take the opportunity to go into Morrisons and get fresh fruit and veg and stock up with a few light things we need the heavy stuff is being delivered tomorrow night.

Space in the sparse kitchen cupboards is at a premium, so I have adopted an idea I used at the cottage. Two of the cupboards, one in the hall and one in the sewing room have shelves in them, so I am going to utilize them as store cupboards and just have in the kitchen cupboards stuff that is in use. As the kitchen stocks run out I can replenish them from the store cupboards. First to go in the cupboard will be the bread flour we found yesterday.

We were running short of bread yesterday so having found the bread maker I put a loaf on. My electronic scales would not light up, I think when they packed them the start button was pressed in and discharged the battery.........had to go to my friend and borrow hers as although I have a set of weight scales, the pan had not been packed with the scales. DB found it last night in another box.

We had croissant for breakfast, I was still eating mine, DB has decided to start unpacking boxes marked kitchen........ is almost driving me nuts saying 'where do you want this?' So had better give up for now and get going.

The whirlwind – DD2 is here tomorrow, I guess by tomorrow night all except my sewing room will be in place somewhere!!

We have both been busy, I am starting to feel better so pacing myself. DB unpacked all the boxes of books that belong in the book case, he has put them in, but they will need sorting out at some point.

We also got all the food unpacked and into cupboards, the kitchen is still a tip but by the weekend it should be almost straight.

After lunch DB went out to the garden for an hour and I had a rest on the settee, so nap today so I must be getting my strength back.

Early supper as DB has to go for his INR, I will go into Morrisons and get fresh fruit and veg.

Supper tonight, the last of the cooked pork with some salad. I have no home cooked meat left in the freezer now, so will have to have a trip to Tesco for one of their loins of pork if they are on offer.

Not nearly so hot today very pleasant, just a nice breeze keeping it cool. The sun did not show its face until after lunch.

Friday 3rd July.

Brighter this morning so I guess its going to be quite warm again.

Big inroads made into the unpacking yesterday. DB emptied all the books into the bookcase, he has to arrange them but they are in and we can now get into the back bedroon almost to the back!!

I am hoping to get this much of the blog entries posted this morning, am going to piggy back onto DD2's internet to do some essential catching up. DB is going to get his hair cut and then we will be on our way back. I suspect that all the unpacking will have been done by the time DD2 goes home tonight. I also want to try and order the new cooker, need to get on the internet to do it, they are sitting on £300+ of my cash.

Went to Morrisons last night and got DB 3 more bags of compost, also stocked up myself with fresh fruit and veg. Called at Tesco to get their 45p handwash and also
2 more packs of fish.

I have a Morrisons order coming tonight of the tins etc I ordered last week. Trying to save heavy lifting on my arm.

Right offsky to go to DD2s