Monday, 1 June 2015

Wash Day

Changed the bed this morning and loaded the washer. The forecast was for rain, so hung it out on a wing and a prayer. Put the towels in and got them out on the line as well. Just after lunch DB saw rain spots so I shot out and took in the bedding which was dry, left the towels on the line.

We nipped out to do a couple of jobs, just got back and had a cup of tea when the sky went black, another dash to get the towels in and also move some of the plant pots into more sheltered positions as the wind was blowing. DB remarked that the forecast was for 47mph winds, I think that was a conservative forecast, it seemed to be blowing a lot harder than that.

Still all the washing is dry and can be either put in the airing cupboard or ironed and put in the cupboard.

The last estimator for our move came this morning, so we will be able to see who get the job. I have a good idea who it will be.

Whilst we were out we picked up some boxes to put the plants in to take them over in, DB also took a prescription into the chemist.

Lidl opens tomorrow so we will be going to see what all the fuss is about. I have not done any shopping so far apart from a couple of bits I get from Morrisons.

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  1. What a bonus that your sheets etc and towels dried between rains! Hope the wind doesn't do any damage.

    Does your new home have an airing cupboard and room for your table in the kitchen?



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