Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sunny but windy Saturday

No lie in this morning, was at DD2's at 8.30 to take her to Ruddington for her induction course. Called at the nursery on the way home and got 3 bags of green slate to go on the garden at the side of the house, DD2's present for DB's birthday.

Have spent most of the day chilling. Phone call at lunch time from the carpet chap with the estimate, very reasonable all things considered. We have someone else coming on Monday and will then decide who is doing what and when.

DB bowling this afternoon. I spent an hour on the settee reading and then set off to collect DD2 from Ruddington. Stayed for some tea with her before coming home. DB arrived just after me. Having had a good time and they won the game.

Bit later start to take DD2 tomorrow it takes about 25 minutes from here. will collect her in the afternoon as well.

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  1. So glad this has been a more relaxing day, the early start notwithstanding. I imagine it was a delight to be at the nursery early even tho you weren't buying flowers this time.

    Cheers for DB's team win and a happy birthday to him, too!

    More cheers for a reasonable estimate from the carpet chap!

    Keep your feet up whenever possible for the duration, okay?

    Sunny, very warm, and awfully humid here. I nearly melted when I went to the library. Am about to either sew 4 patches or follow your good example and read.



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