Thursday, 11 June 2015

Over to the bungalow today to take some more garden stuff and a few bits of kitchen stuff. Cleaned more of the gunk out from between the floor boards and sorted out where various bits of furniture will go.

We have decided that as the big wardrobe is going into the front bedroom we will sleep in there leaving the back bedroom as my sewing room. No garden work done, we were only there for a short while.

Called and collected more big plant pots from my friend, they will come over when we have sorted the garden and collect the pots. I think they may have a long wait........

Back home we had our lunch. I then I fell asleep on the settee. This move is harder than any of the previous ones. I know I am a year older, I am certainly feeling it.

Another nice day, but very windy, a good day if you had laundry to do.

DB has recovered from his blip yesterday, cannot say the same for me.


  1. Very glad to hear DB is recovered from his blip yesterday. Hope he stays o.k. now so that he can help you with the move. You are doing well getting things sorted out. Definitely pace yourself it is not worth getting ill over it. Things will get done in time.

    Big hugs.

  2. Glad to hear you and DB made some more progress at the bungalow and decisions about where things will go. Those decisions will make the big moving day much easier.

    It's good that DB is over the heart hiccups but with all going on with the moving process, the lost sleep, and the banking kerfuffle, it's no wonder that you're tiring out more easily this time. Just give yourself permission to nap more often, especially if you've worked hard or not slept well. Wish I could come help.

    Wishing you sweet dreams along with sending big hugs!


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