Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Not such a quiet day after all

We had decided last night that we would not get up too early this morning, so it was getting on for 9am when I finally got down. A load in the washer, I sorted out the bedroom and bathroom, by which time I was crackered. After lunch we went to the council offices to hand in more paper work, and then to the bowls club. OH has got so fed up with non co-operation from the bowls club that he has resigned from both the club and the committee. He is going to take the rest of the summer off and her will then go to the local club at Hose.

We then went into the bank to see what they could do about the money that was taken from my bank account last week, basically nowt. They have however put a block on the account. Personally I do not think that will do much good but we will see.

Home again, exhausted, cup of tea and reading a book.
The laundry dried outside, its been a sunny day but the wind has made it rather cool, was glad of my jacket.

Time to get the supper cold chicken and salad with some new spuds. Finishing the rhubarb and apple crumble for dessert.


  1. I'm surprised the bank aren't doing more about the money stolen from your account. When I had money taken a couple of years ago (both charged on my credit card and taken from a bank account after details were leaked from a company I had bought from online) I was refunded within days. The same with my son whose Halifax account was illegally used just a few weeks ago. They immediately refunded the money and issued a new card within a couple of days.

  2. Hope your sleeping restfully and have a good Wednesday at the bungalow.

    It's awful your bank won't refund the stolen money when it's their on-line security that failed to protect your account. Hope you can appeal their decision.



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