Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Much Better Day

the sun was out but still a strong wind this morning, it gradually died sown over the morning.

A load of coloureds in the washer, out on the whirly, should be dry ok.

DB out in the garden doing odd jobs, I had to water all the plants, they were drooping. I ironed the sheets etc from Monday, in the airing cupbard for a day or so,

DB also getting ready to take some stuff with us tomorrow. DD2 is coming with us on Friday when we meet the carpet estimator. She is coming for lunch before we go.

Looking at the space for the cooker, I have also chosen a second best just in case the space is too small. I think we are going to have to loose two cupboards from the kitchen to get the fridge freezer in. That will be up to the council to see to. Its really a case of wait and see what will fit where.

DB has an appointment at the Drs this afternoon, I need to go to the bank and Morrisons.

Terrible night last night, just could not sleep, think I dropped off about 6am, alarm went off just after 8am. Have had a doze on the settee but someone rang the bell and woke me up. Hey ho I will sleep better tonight.

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  1. Cheers for a better day but am sorry you didn't sleep well last night. Hope you're pleasantly tired tonight so you sleep well and awaken refreshed.

    I'm glad one of the carpet folks can come as quickly as Friday. It will be good to measure all of the wall space in each room so you can plan where each piece will fit. The nice thing about dressers is they look nice anywhere they'll fit, bedroom, hallway, sitting room, or kitchen. I hope there's room for what you want and/or need to keep.

    3rd day of rain here and we're grateful!



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