Monday, 8 June 2015

Monday, Monday

We were over at the bungalow for 9 am as the carpet estimator said any time between 9 and 1pm. When we got there a chap was looking at the fascia boards which are in very bad condition, he was doing a survey for the council. May be we will get them replaced.

DB started on the garden, clearing the brick path we found to the shed. I started by bailing out the toilet and putting some stuff down to try and get the limescale off. When I flushed the toilet the water came up to the brim!! I think the children who were there had been putting stuff down the toilet. I found a one pence piece amongst other bits.

I then went on to clean the kitchen drawers and cupboards with hot water and sugar soap. I do not think the top of the cupboards have been cleaned since they were put in, they were black. All done and sparkling, just have to do the doors with wax polish. I lined the drawers with paper. I may actually take some of the kitchen stuff over, so I can get ahead here and clean some of the cupboards out.

We met our next door neighbour and also the neighbour whose garden butts onto ours, both were pleased that gardeners were moving in.

We left just after the carpet estimator had been and came home.

We were back into town with the car for its MOT, thankfully it passed no problem, phew, I can do without a large bill just now, have a few on their way anyway.

Walked down to the council offices with some paper work and reported the loo and a couple of other problems, then for a wander round the town before going back to collect the car. We did just pop in to the letting agents, the chap from Roumania has got the house, so he will be able to bring his family over.

Back at home I am shattered...... cooking the chicken I should have cooked last night for supper, so a couple more chicken suppers this week.

We are not going to the bungalow until Wednesday, we decided that Monday, Wednesday and Friday were enough. The worst room is done. I will sort the sitting room next and then the two bedrooms. and the bathroom last; 3 weeks today we will be in.....cannot wait.


  1. What a full and tiring day you've had but what a lot you and DB accomplished inside the bungalow, in the garden, and with the car inspection!! Hope the council will promptly get the toilet cleared and functioning properly as well as look into the rotten fascia boards Hope, too, that this new carpet/flooring estimate is even lower than the first.

    Good plan to work at the bungalow only every other day as that will surely be enough to have all spit-spot and the small items moved before the big furniture arrives.

    Hope your feet are up and you're sipping a lovely glass of wine.

    How exciting to have a dream come true!


  2. It must feel so good to have done so much cleaning in your kitchen. Hope the council is swift in dealing with the repairs.

  3. To rid the toilet of limescale throw in a container of citric acid (from the cooking aisle) and leave for at least eight hours. It will lift it all off easily.
    Cheers, Karen.


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