Sunday, 7 June 2015

It Was A Sunny Sunday

In bed just after 9pm last night, both if us bushed. The sun keeps coming and going. I have a whirly full of laundry out, it had better not rain!!

Up this morning to take DD2 to her last days course. On the way back we stopped off in town to go to Wilko's and Boyes. I also picked up 2 new pillows from Ponden. I have been saying for ages that we have a couple of really rank pillows.

Back home we had a drink and then DB went out into the garden to dig up more plants, I sorted out the veg for supper. I went to get the chicken out of the fridge where it has been defrosting all night. Hard as iron!! Good job I have some roast supper meat in the freezer think that may well be coming into play. We will have the chicken tomorrow night.

Feeling a bit beurgh today, not sure if I have picked up something, so just taking it steady.

Full day tomorrow, we need to be there for the carpet estimator, the car has to do in for its MOT and we have an appointment with the bank after those thieving swine took money from my account.

Just collected about 30 heads of elderflower to make cordial. The bucket is sterilising, Tomorrow I will use the fluid from the bucket to sterilise the bottles and make the cordial. Once the ingredients are in, the bucket needs to be covered and left to stand for 48 hours. I stir it 3 times a day then strain and decant  the cordial into bottles . With sparkling water and ice it makes a very refreshing drink on a warm summer day, or even during the winter if it comes to that.

Just going to chill for a couple of hours till we need to go and collect DD2 at 4.30pm.

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  1. You and DB have accomplished a lot today so should be happy with yourselves about that.

    How has DD2 liked the classes?

    Hope all goes well tomorrow and there are no problems with the bank.

    Your mention of elderflower cordial has me once again wondering what it tastes like and if elderflowers grow here?



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