Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Home sweet home

Ahhhhh my first night at home after my 10 day stay in hospital.....warm comfortable bed, no forced lights out.

We both woke early, DB had an appointment with the carpet fitters, so he was off soon after 8am. I had my breakfast in bed and slowly got dressed. A phone call to social services, to discuss my needs. DB had a phone interview yesterday, so now things will go forward. Our only drawback at the bungalow is a bath with no shower. Neither of us can get up from the bath and have difficulty getting in and out. We now wait to see what happens next. We have had to apply for planning permission for the satalitte dish in the bungalow. The paperwork is getting as bad as living in tape is strangling the system especially if you are in council property!!

Big problem with the kitchen door, because the floor boards in the kitchen are so bad, we have had to have board laid down, if the vinyl goes down the back door will score it to bits. No help from the council, they tell us it's our problem to sort a UPVC door!!
Excuse me, we are not allowed to alter the door without written permission and we move in on Monday. So either we have the vinyl laid and score it to death, or we may have to pay for a new door £500. They must think I came up the river on the last banana boat. Either way it looks like we may be coming in and out the front door. In my view the council are not being very co-operative. They have still done nothing about the suspect knot weed in the garden, I expect that will prove to be ours to sort as well.

I went on line and ordered the cooker to be delivered next wednesday, another job out of the way, just need to find some one to hard wire it in.

One way or another this move is proving to be the worst we have ever done. You can no longer be assured tenants from the beginning you have to do 12 months probation. Even then you have to have written permission to do everything. I need Valium. OH has been gone 4 hours now. Trying to keep calm is not easy!!!

It took over 6 hours for the men to fit the carpets, we have two wooden doors to have a bit shaved off the bottom. The back door problem was resolved, the surveyor from the council came to look at the shed roof, OH asked him to look at the back door, the chaps ran his hand underneath and fetched out heaven knows what from underneath, all stuck to the bottom of the door, so they took the door off, cleaned the bottom and Bingo!! door closes no problem!!

I have rested in bed today, am going to get up in my jamas shortly. Tomorrow I am going over to meet DD2 she is going to hang curtains and a few other bits.


  1. So pleased that you are home, and having a rest. Glad the back door will now open when the vinyl is put down, we all need a back door especially if it goes off the kitchen, what with the steam from cooking and hanging out the washing. I am sure this move will prove to be a good one, anyone just coming out of hospital feels fragile and you have been in for a while. Let us hope that July/August is pleasant, not too hot and not too cold, and you can sit in the garden and get some Vit D. Love Andie xxx

  2. So glad you are back home. Try not to stress too much and take things a day at a time. You need rest and recovery time. Delegate where you can and leave what can wait until you feel better. Cheers from Canada, NannyAnny.

  3. I'm happy to hear you are at home where you can hopefully get some rest. I wish the move was behind you, but it sounds as though you have some help. Glad to hear the door has been sorted. That would have been a mess not having the use of the door. Happier times are ahead for you. Take Care, Barb O

  4. Bliss that you're home and had a good night's sleep with a lie-in this morning!

    Sorry about the annoying hoops the council is making you two jump as it adds stress that you just don't need and is uncalled for.

    Cheers that DB happened to be there when the inspector came and thought to mention the back door problem to him. What a relief the back door kerfuffle is sorted and that new door cost is still in the till! Cheers for the new carpets, too!

    Happy resting and dealing with the temporary limitations you have for the coming weeks. It's wonderful that DD2 can come help tomorrow.


  5. Welcome home and I hope all the hitches with the new home are soon sorted

  6. With your and your husband's health problems the Social service team should come to fit a shower for you You may need to contact your local Community matron.

  7. Great news about the door! The rooms will look nice and fresh with the new carpet. Take things slowly and enjoy your new role as 'supervisor'. lol

  8. I was a council tenant for many years and a housing association one for the last 3. I'm sure you do this already, judging by the helpfulness you received over the wooden door, but I find opening the door, letting them in and asking if they want a cuppa is the best way to set yourself up as the workers' favourite customer! Home baking goes down a treat too!

    1. I really agree with Attila. Make good frieds of all the people you might need to work with. Tins of homemade treats are great. Mom is so nice to those who work in her building that they are very helpful in return and watch out for her and thngs she needs. Ana Sweet

  9. Glad you are able to let others cope! It seems to be resolving slowly while you are recuperating. Take it easy and think calming thoughts!

  10. Welcome home! Glad you are feeling a little better :)

  11. Glad to hear you are home. I hope things improve in your move.

  12. Welcome home to the peanut gallery. ;) Bless you! I know the feeling of *If it's not one thing...tis another* so to speak. Sorry this move isn't going easy just when you need it to. Hope things get better. Good about the door. At least you won't have to pay for another one. That one takes the cake...Being told you have to pay for a door to the home you are renting. hmm....
    Feel better soon!

  13. When I taught school, I was friends with many of the maintainance staff. Many teachers barely knew who they were, let alone their names. They were then amazed when I could get all sorts of things repaired in my room in a matter of hours when others had to take nice to the council people! I hope your house is slowly getting fixed, you are on the mend and feeling better, and you have nice new neighbors!


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