Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hip Hip Hooray.

Well, that's that!! We have the keys to our new abode, the does and dont's were read over to U.S. And we signed our life away.

The grass in the garden is almost knee high, I think the strimmer will be In use at some point. The decor inside is fine but the muck is something else. I walked round not knowing what to do first. I have decided to do a room at a time starting with the kitchen. The floor is a real mess, there are screws standing proud of the floor which is really dirty. There was supposed to have been a cleaning crew go in, what they did I really do not know.

We were late getting home, it was after 7pm before we got our supper and I have spent the evening reading through all the paper work.

We are taking DD2 over tomorrow afternoon to have a look, also meeting the carpet chappie for him to measure up and give us a quote.

I did take some photos, will put them up tomorrow. I am using the I Pad in bed.


  1. The bungalow will be spectacular once you get your hands on it. Cant wait to see pictures of before and after.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos!!

  3. Hope this can be your forever home. I have never moved into a clean house-even our brand new house was very dirty and despite having been professionally cleaned, it took us days to scrub everything out-even the brand new kitchen units!! Good luck and hope there is some better weather ahead for you to establish your garden. Catriona

  4. You will not be long in whipping it into shape

  5. Good news about having the keys and are all set to start the process of moving, first things first!!

    Bother that the cleaning crew never showed up but you'll have things clean and tidy soon. As you said, one room at a time. I imagine there will soon come a time that you'll be working indoors and DB will be mowing or planting or doing other gardening tasks.


  6. Good Luck in your new home and I hope you will be very happy living there. I remember the older days; my mum would scrub the old house and the house we were moving into would have had the same. Then we would set to and scrub the new house!! honestly was there any need. I always got the job of cleaning the cookers, dirty horrible job, always. I can remember once there was a cooker already installed, so we put ours in the huge pantry. My mum decided that I should clean this cooker so in I went, when I opened the oven door the inside was over run with mice and nests with baby mice in them. I let out one scream; and refused to go into the pantry again. Fun and games, I am sure that you are spotless, you sound so and you also need a bit of really good luck. Take care and try not to work too hard, if I lived nearer and was fitter I would offer my help!! I am a good scrubber!!!!! Love Andie xxx

  7. Sorry the house was left so dirty. Very wise to get the kitchen sorted first. At least that way when you are over their working you will have a clean area to make a cup of tea or even cook something.

    Try to pace yourself. I worry a bit about your well being. Take care and hugs.


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