Thursday, 25 June 2015

Getting there

This morning we went over to the bungalow and met DD1. DB spent some time in the garden whilst DD1 sorted out curtains. We now have curtains at the kitchen, sitting room and two bedroom windows, the carpets are down and the vinyl in the kitchen and bathroom, so the place has a lived in air.

This afternoon I retired to bed for a nap whilst DB took stuff into the council and again asked about the knot weed in the garden. No idea what we can do to get them to realise what a menace  the stuff is.

I am feeling a bit stronger each day, being careful not to do too much, do not want to land back in hospital so close to moving, just 2 more days before the packers start on Sunday. DD2 and DGD will be here, they will go round after the chaps and clean where they can. I would like them to empty the back bedroom then it can be cleaned and shut up, DB and I will come back Tuesday to finish cleaning up and hand over the  keys.

Its been another rather muggy day, very warm, but no real sun.

We are TV less the chap came this afternoon and took the dish down so until we get to the bungalow with the TV we cannot watch it.

With being in hospital I have taken my finger off the pulse, not sure what DB has done about letting the various agencies know our change of address. Doubt if he has done anything, so will have to go through it all with him tomorrow. We are not going out DD2 is coming after lunch.

I have to sort out 2 evening meals for Monday and Tuesday, hopefully the cooker will arrive on Wednesday so it will then be full steam ahead.


  1. Well done family. Make sure DB is not over doing it, doesn't he normally take a nap? Making these adjustments when ill is difficult especially when you have been so active.

    I had a terrible attack of vertigo in March (BPPV) and it wiped me out. Couldn't walk without holding onto the wall or a person for the longest time. It took me a long time after having the Epley maneuver to build myself up. I now sit down most every afternoon in a comfortable chair or recliner and sometimes doze off.

    When you can would love to see more photos. Your new bungalow sounds lovely.

  2. You are beginning to sound like your normal self. Make sure you don't overdo things. Let others help you as much as possible. I wish I was there to lend you a hand. Barb O

  3. How marvelous that you and DB could go to the bungalow today and with help from DD1, get the curtains up. I hope you like the look of the carpet and vinyl and were pleased with what's been put where.

    Can you purchase a diverter valve kit to go on your bathtub faucet that will carry water up to a shower fixture that is attached to the wall? There is no plumbing work needed inside the wall as for a regular shower head. Your new neighbors might have suggestions about the shower situation, too.

    Hope you can arrange for a workman to come install your new cooker on Wednesday.

    You're wise to take care of yourself, to rest as needed, and to mind your instructions for limited reaching and carrying.

    Big hugs!

  4. Take it easy and rest up. Can you make a blog post with some pics showing the curtains and carpets? I'm nosy and would love to see what your bungalow looks like :)

  5. Nice to hear you are feeling better. Take care though so you continue to heal well. Hugs.


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