Friday, 26 June 2015

Friday again!!

This time last week I was not at my best, having just had a whopping dose of morphine which had a very bizarre effect on me.

Thankfully this week, I am up and about, taking it slowly and trying to be good.

We were a bit later up this morning, no reason the set the alarm. DB brought me breakfast and I got up about 10am. Into town, FB needed his INR doing, its not gone down much, I went over to the carpet shop and paid the bill......all that dosh just to put carpet on the floor, gulp.

After lunch DD2 arrived, she had met DGD in the town for lunch. DB has just taken her home with another load of washing.

The agents rang to see if the chap could come and take some measurements for curtains etc. His wife and daughter arrive in just over a week and they move in 10th July. DB managed to get the front grass cut this morning, so the front looks good. House is in a right mess, but tough......Jess was horrified when I told her what had happened.

It started to rain just after 2pm, not pouring but enough to give you a good soaking.

DD2 washed my hair for me over the bath this afternoon, it was very dirty, it must be almost 3 weeks since it was last done. so I feel much better now.

I did casserole some pork yesterday, we are going to have it with some rice for supper. I have also done a first shop from Morrisons for next Friday, chose a 9- 10pm delivery for £1 not bad. Its all the heavy stuff I am no longer able to carry. We will still shop for meat and veg as we have done before, when we go in either to the Drs or Library.

Tomorrow we will be at the bungalow for a short while, I need to clean the bits off the carpet, will take the camera and take piccies so you can see what it looks like without the furniture in and before the back room begins to resemble a junk shop!!


  1. Well done in getting things sorted at home, minding your manners in obeying the rules for a good recovery, and planning for the next week.

    Isn't it amazing how good it feels to have clean hair? It's wonderful that your sweet daughters have been able to help so much in important ways and that DS2 has been so helpful in his talented manly skills!!

    I'm looking forward to the photos. Ta for thinking of us!


  2. Glad to hear that things are going along nicely. It really does make you appreciate feeling well, even if you do have some restrictions. Once you get moved and things slow down a bit you might want to consider doing a blog on leading up to your need to go to hospital and subsequent outcome. I do not recall you mentioning anything about not feeling well, other than you were a bit tired and not sleeping well. Your insights may be of value to other women. You mentioned not lifting heavy items, what other restrictions do you have. I'd also like to hear more about your hospital stay, the food, cleanliness of the hospital, etc. Did the hospital not allow you to wash your hair? Must feel wonderful to have it clean.

    Don't worry about the chap coming to measure for curtains etc. - he knows you are moving and can't expect picture perfect.

    Good luck on the move and best wishes that you will be very happy in your new bungalow.

  3. Looking forward to the pics! glad you're feeling better.

  4. I know this slow going is driving you mad. You're usually going full speed ahead. Don't overdo. Can't wait to see your new home.


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