Saturday, 27 June 2015

For the nosy ones

A fine sunny and very warm morning.Over to the bungalow with the contents of the linen cupboard and to put the Dyson over the carpets.

I took 2 pictures of the front garden

Some one decided to throw a packet of I think they are welsh poppy seed on the garden last year, its a mass of yellow, plus a few fabulous red poppies and the odd rose. Its going to take some sorting out when I get round to it, but just now its a welcome splash of colour.

 Sitting room, curtains drawn as the sun made it almost impossible to take a shot in there, the curtains are the ones I bought several years ago when we were at Keepers Walk, they did duty at the cottage and also the flat until I got the large velvet curtain spilt into 2. The carpet in here and in the hall are a light beige.

 Our bedroom with the green velvet curtains. We get the sun in the front in the morning and it moves over the house to the back during the day.the top of the garden is in sun all day.

Back bedroom/sewing room, this is the room all the boxes will be going in until we get round to opening them. The bedroom carpet is just slightly darker

I did not take pictures of the kitchen it looks like a bomb has dropped in there, once we have the cooker and everything else in I will post a picture then.

We called at the library on the way back and got new books, I also bought OH new slippers and a pair of shorts, he has been driving me daft for a pair ever since we started getting warmer weather.

Home for lunch and a nap for me, OH messing about in the garden cutting the back grass.

I went to bed this afternoon whilst DB cut the grass at the back, so the garden is looking not too bad, we have left some plants in but not that many.

Supposed to have gammon for supper, got the wrong gammon out so its cooked gammon ham, salad and strawberries.

Early night tonight, we need to be up and going at 9am tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the pics. Lovely rooms. The carpet color makes them seem even larger. Will really be home when you are moved in. Edwin should have a good time with the garden and make the neighbors happy. :-) ana

  2. Oh, ta for the photos to appease my curiosity (aka, nosiness!) and it's wonderful to see the flowers that have popped up to welcome you and DB!!

    The sitting room and bedrooms look wonderful with the new carpeting and your curtains, too. Our home and your bungalow must face the same direction as the front on our house gets the morning sun and the back gets the afternoon sun! Too bad there's so much ocean and land in between or we could be neighbors. Wouldn't that be fun?!

    I noticed a nice chandelier in the sitting room and that's a wonderful improvement over the bare light bulb that was there when you first viewed the bungalow.

    Hope all is accomplished tomorrow that's on the schedule to do. As you compared Friday June 19 with June 26, just imagine how different things will be when Saturday, July 4th arrives - you'll be moved in, your wall decorations will be up, your new cooker will be installed and working, some gardening will have been done, some boxes will be unpacked (no hurry about this), and your former home will be clean and its keys turned in. Wishing you, DB, and all of your moving helpers the energy and the good weather to make this all happen smoothly. Wish we could help, too.

    Big hugs!

  3. Be damned, I want to be one of the nosy ones!! Cannot wait until you move in and get all settled. I have been going to ask a question but do not want to offend. I shall explain: I was brought up in a prefab during the 50's and we were all very happy there. Sadly, we moved and I have longed to go back forever, I live in an old cottage, just what some people long for, but still I hanker back to the prefab days. Well, ever since I saw the inside of your bungalow it has reminded me of the interior of a prefab, was it once one? and have they built around the original, I know a lot of prefabs got this make over and have looked fabulous. The reason I did not want to offend is because a lot of people have a laugh at prefabs, not me, I love them. There are a few near where my daughter lives and my husband has to slow down so I can have a better look every time we pass. It all looks fabulous in your bungalow and you will soon settle in. Much love and a lot of envy (the nice kind) Andie xxx

    1. Well Andie you are quite right. Local councils built a lot of prefabs at the end of the war. Originally they had flat roofs, when the roofs began to deteriorate they decided to put a brick skin round them and a pitched roof. Ours still has the tin wardrobes in the bedroom and a cupboard in the hall. I do not care what it once was, its a perfect bungalow for us, plenty of room and what a garden. It will take a while but watch for the changes.

      The children just cannot believe how nice it is. Its a pity that previous tenants have not looked after it better, but once I am running on full steam again I will soon lick it into shape.

    2. Dear friend, I thought I might be right. How I envy you, truly, my mum always said that from living in a one bedroomed flat during the war then moving to the prefab she could not believe it. Inside bathroom with a heated towel rail, fitted kitchen we even had a fridge! and loads of lovely built in cupboards and drawers. It was every woman's joy. On top of all this; it was detached and had a huge garden. We had the nicest neighbours and a real feeling of community. Have a lovely life there, it will be perfect for you both and the rooms are spacious and not too high. Love the carpets and curtains and even the front garden looks tidy and easy to manage. I daresay you will be growing fruit and veg at the back. Do take care and try not to overdo things, I have come out in sympathy with you and am awaiting a heart test. Hey Ho. Love Andie xxx

  4. Well done. I was so surprised to see the lovely splash of color in your front garden. I rather like it. Looks like you are able to park close to your bungalow as well. When you come into the front door do you step into an entry hallway?

    Excellent choice on your carpets - it does pull everything together. Looking forward to a photo of your kitchen. Is it eat in? My mum lived in a similar bungalow but hers had a small kitchen and the dining room/sitting room was all one. It was so comfortable and mum enjoyed her time there (didn't miss the stairs from her big old house that I grew up in at all).

    Edwin seems to have had a huge burst of energy. He has done rather well hasn't he?
    Both of you take care and so looking forward to hearing all about your new neighbors etc.

  5. The front view is lovely and I love fresh new carpet. Everything is looking good. Can't wait to see the kitchen all finished. Yep, I'm nosy too. ;)

  6. This looks absolutely perfect for you both!!I'm so very pleased for you.

    It seems that your DB can and has stepped up to the plate.Perhaps let him do more,even if not to your high standards.I say good enough can be fine sometimes.

    Wishing you many happy days,


  7. It looks lovely and very manageable. Perfect and I am envious. My house is too big but the spouse and I can't decide whether or not to sell .... with adult children who keep returning home we are in limbo. Anyway, I really like your front garden area .... love the wild flowers. The neighborhood, from what I can tell, looks like a nice enclosed community so you won't have a bunch of traffic flying past the front door! Thanks so much for posting the pics .... it's nice to have a visual to go with your posts :) I hope you and DB will be happy in your new home. Take it easy and unpack bit by bit. It's lovely to have daughters (or any family for that matter!) to take on the bulk of the movin' and shakin' when we aren't feeling up to it.

  8. Looks perfect for you. Loved seeing the pictures.


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