Saturday, 13 June 2015

Blessed Rain

It started to rain just before supper last night, during the night it hammered down and its very dark and grey this morning. So far we have had no thunder.

I emptied the loft yesterday, now cannot get into my sewing room for the stuff on the floor, so this afternoon we will go to the library and then on to the bungalow with the stuff I got down from the attic, it can go on the shelves in the 'new' sewing room.

I sat last night, whilst watching TV, and undid one of the curtains we had in the kitchen in Haddington. I want to make a small curtain for the little window in the kitchen and also a cafe curtain for the other  kitchen window, hence shifting the stuff from the attic so I can get at my machine, then I will pack it away in its box ready to go to its new home.

OH is watching trooping the colour on TV, so I will find something to do. May be get the bags down ready to put them in the car.

I am gradually emptying the freezer so its not too heavy for the chaps to move. I will empty the fridge into the cool box on the morning, we will need the milk anyway.

Because of the weather we are leaving the pots of plants until the week after next, we will gradually move them over the week and put them at the back of the bungalow under the canopy, shelter them a bit from the wind.

We went into town to the library after lunch and took the bags with curtains etc in over to the bungalow, it was hissing down. We re folded the curtains and got them all put in the cupboard in the back bedroom, so another good job done, had a quick cup of tea and then home. Still hissing down.


  1. What a wonderful rain you've had and you and DB made good use of the day, too. Enough accomplished, but not a shattering workout.

    I like the plan for the kitchen curtains you plan to make from those in your previous kitchen.

    My plans for today include a trip to the library here, too. Wish we had some rain as we need it again.


  2. That is so funny cos I am emptying our loft and it will all end up in my sewing room too! Big de-clutter going on here. You say 'hissing down' and I say 'pissing down'... that's funny too. *smiles*

  3. I get exhausted just hearing about all of your moves! Having been in the same house for 40 plus years, I cringe to even think of it! Hope it is your last one....

  4. I hope all is well. It's not like you to miss posting. Good luck with your move!

  5. Hope everything is OK with you both ? Missing your posts. Take care.

  6. Hope all is well. Noticed you haven't posted for a few days. Probably you are busy with the move. Cheers from Canada, Nanny Anny

  7. I've missed your posts, so hope all is well and on schedule, and that you and DB are holding up to the strain that goes along with every move.

    Hang in there!



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