Tuesday, 2 June 2015

At last

We got so fed up sitting waiting for a phone call from the outreach worker DB phoned to speak to her this afternoon. He has nearly driven me demented carping about getting veg in and carpets laid, I lost it gave him the phone and told him to ring her.

We have an appointment to meet her at the bungalow at 2.30pm on Thursday, we will go through the bungalow and then the paper work and we will get the keys!! at last..........the two carpet people have been rung to make an appointment to come and measure for the carpets. He has also made a balls up of ringing the removers which I am going to have to sort out. Then a list of people who need to know we are moving. I hope I do not get charged £30 again to move my car insurance.

However, it is official we are moving into the bungalow on 29th June. I will come back here on 30th to clean through, get the inspection done and hand the keys to the agents.

DB was out in the garden for an hour, he dug up a clematis and broke the stem, I hope it will come again from the root.

We went to Lidl this morning to do the shopping to find they have put back the opening date to Thursday, so we went down to Syston and I did my shopping at Aldi. It will be nearer to go to Grantham when we have moved.

Its been a very blustery day, it was raining first thing, fine now but the wind is very strong and the trees are really bending at the back.

Right off to start and contact the people who need to know.

Removers just sorted, so all systems go!!


  1. JOY!! Now the plans can firm up, DB can soon work off his energy digging in the new gardens, and you can calmly move forward with what needs to be done. DD2 can perhaps accompany you on your Thursday tour of the bungalow, too.

    We has rain last night with thunder and lightening - a good Southern spring storm and all of the outdoors looks fresh and happy. More rain is likely this arvo and it, too, will be welcome.


  2. So glad you have a firm moving date!


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