Friday, 5 June 2015


Not a good morning, I checked my bank account this morning to find some low life had taken £177+ out of my account for something I did not want. Phoned the bank, they will try to get it back for me and have put a stop on any further payments being taken, they have also advised me to close the account.and open a new one, more hassle.

Pictures coming up.........

Sitting room looking towards the hall.

2nd bedroom

Main bedroom, showing the built in wardrobe etc.

Kitchen, Hole is for a cooker.

And again looking from the back door.

Other side of the kitchen, thats the hole for the fridge freezer, room under the window for the table.

The floor in the kitchen is a mess there are a lot of screws sticking up, they will have to be screwed down before the hardboard can go down for the vinyl to be laid.

We plan to start from the kitchen and work through the place. I need to get the sitting room chimney swept before we get the carpets down and the rest of the room cleaned, that should be fun!!

Its been a very hot afternoon, had all the windows open at the bungalow, had to attack one window with a wooden mallet to get it to open, needs some WD40 on it I think.

DD2 and DB tackled emptying the rubbish from the bin it had been put in and put it in the right one. I tackled cleaning the kitchen floor. I do not think the lady with the children who was in the place had any carpets down, I was scrapping cherrios and god knows what from between the wooden planks. The chap came to measure for the carpets and vinyl. He is going to ring me with the price. We have one more chap coming Monday.

Tomorrow DD2 is at a training course so I will have to get up early to take her and then go back and collect her at night. Its about 30 miles away in Nottinghamshire.

Gradually getting the jobs done, changing the addresses takes for ages. Some you can do over the phone, others you have to write to them, and some you can do via the internet.

Tonight I am going to sit with my feet up and chill with an ice cold glass of wine.


  1. I always use a credit card for any online tranaction. If they wont take one, it has to be someone I know (like a quilter or retreat person). We have had good luck with the CC companies taking care of us. Many of the cards now allow you to get one time use numbers for online purchases which also prevents some of this fraud. Love the pictures. House looks bright and happy.

  2. A pox on the low-life who stole money from your account. Good thing you found the theft promptly and could report it.

    Sorry you have been left with such a mess to clean up but know it will be worth the bother as you'll know the cleaning has been done well. Great pictures and I can just imagine how delightfully charming this forlorn home will be once you're moved in a settled. As before, you and DB will rescue this dwelling, too.

    Is there anyone you could visit for the day in Nottinghamshire or would that make the day feel even longer?

    I'd say you deserve a second glass of wine after such a day as you've had!

    Sweet dreams!


  3. Oh, and one other question. In the kitchen photos, on the sink side of the kitchen what is the under counter-top space near the back door meant to be used for? Was it for an under counter 'fridge as was seen in the TV show "As Time Goes By"?

    More hugs!

  4. Looks fabulous. Just right for the two of you, easy to keep clean and no steps. I love bungalows, they always make me feel sunny. Take care Andie xxx

  5. Good luck on your banking troubles. That can be so stressful.

  6. I love the look of your bungalow. Looks cozy and compact. I hope that you and DB will be very happy there. Would love to see some pics once you have your carpets down ..... I'm nosy lol Wishing you good luck with the move.


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