Friday, 12 June 2015

A Spanner in the Works

DB announced at something after 10pm last night that he had the palps again!! He had taken his medication as instructed, about half an hour later he was sleeping, me? well much as usual I was awake until well after 3am.

After his morning dose they went off. We have road works on the main road, I wanted to nip to Tesco for fish, the traffic lights are right at the end of the road that leads to our little cul de sac, so I had to take my life in my hands in front of a bus and pull out.

When I got home DB was talking to a surveyor from the council about the letter we sent in last week. I put some stuff in the car and we shot off to meet him at the bungalow. He has taken a photo of what DB thinks is Japanese knotweed, looked at the coal shed, he thinks it should be demolished and a coal bunker put in its place. The toilet I have to persevere with, I have left half a packet of washing soda down it today, see if that will shift it. Various other bits agreed, I put the steps into the car and home we came.

Finished off the last of the chicken Mayo in some brown rolls for lunch. I am about to go up and empty the loft.

THis move is proving far more difficult than any of the others, I will be so glad when 29th June comes round and I can unpack boxes at my leisure, as long as I have a chair to sit in and a bed to sleep in I am not really bothered about much else.

Prepped fish and wedges for supper, I bought some strawberries last night, they will be dessert and I will be relaxing.

DB has resigned from the bowls club, he was not getting the co operation he needed so that was that. He is having the rest of the summer off and will join the local club for next season.


  1. Goodness, you and DB had a busy day before lunchtime after that late night wakefulness for you. Hope you've had a Nana nap as you certainly deserve it.

    Does the bungalow still use coal for heating or cooking? Is a coal bunker like a shed so that it will still house your gardening tools and supplies? If not, could you ask that a garden shed replace the ramshackle coal shed instead of the coal bunker?

    Enjoy those strawberries!


  2. Wow, looked up that Japanese knotweed. Seems it is a lot like our Kudzu which is taking over the south. Imagine not getting a mortgage because knotweed is found. Ana


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