Sunday, 28 June 2015

My home is disappearing into boxes and a van

The packers arrived on time. The wardrobe delivered to DGD along with a planter for DD2.

Once back the packing started in Ernest, things disappearing into boxes after being wrapped. DD2 arrived with lunch and started on the sewing room. DH was just in time to stop them packing the tea tin. Would not get far without that!!

I began to get a bit wound up, so took painkillers and retired upstairs to bed.

Of course the weather decided not to co operate, it rained, typical.

Most of the house is now at the bungalow, DB and I went over to supervise the furniture going in and all the boxes, just a few more to go, the bed and our bedroom furniture and the remains of the kitchen stuff. Whilst we were out DD2 did more packing and also cleaned the kitchen cupboards etc, she has been an absolute God send since I was taken ill. She has arranged to have tomorrow off as well to be here and then at the bungalow to start unpacking.

I am tired, will be getting into bed shortly, need the rest.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

For the nosy ones

A fine sunny and very warm morning.Over to the bungalow with the contents of the linen cupboard and to put the Dyson over the carpets.

I took 2 pictures of the front garden

Some one decided to throw a packet of I think they are welsh poppy seed on the garden last year, its a mass of yellow, plus a few fabulous red poppies and the odd rose. Its going to take some sorting out when I get round to it, but just now its a welcome splash of colour.

 Sitting room, curtains drawn as the sun made it almost impossible to take a shot in there, the curtains are the ones I bought several years ago when we were at Keepers Walk, they did duty at the cottage and also the flat until I got the large velvet curtain spilt into 2. The carpet in here and in the hall are a light beige.

 Our bedroom with the green velvet curtains. We get the sun in the front in the morning and it moves over the house to the back during the day.the top of the garden is in sun all day.

Back bedroom/sewing room, this is the room all the boxes will be going in until we get round to opening them. The bedroom carpet is just slightly darker

I did not take pictures of the kitchen it looks like a bomb has dropped in there, once we have the cooker and everything else in I will post a picture then.

We called at the library on the way back and got new books, I also bought OH new slippers and a pair of shorts, he has been driving me daft for a pair ever since we started getting warmer weather.

Home for lunch and a nap for me, OH messing about in the garden cutting the back grass.

I went to bed this afternoon whilst DB cut the grass at the back, so the garden is looking not too bad, we have left some plants in but not that many.

Supposed to have gammon for supper, got the wrong gammon out so its cooked gammon ham, salad and strawberries.

Early night tonight, we need to be up and going at 9am tomorrow.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Friday again!!

This time last week I was not at my best, having just had a whopping dose of morphine which had a very bizarre effect on me.

Thankfully this week, I am up and about, taking it slowly and trying to be good.

We were a bit later up this morning, no reason the set the alarm. DB brought me breakfast and I got up about 10am. Into town, FB needed his INR doing, its not gone down much, I went over to the carpet shop and paid the bill......all that dosh just to put carpet on the floor, gulp.

After lunch DD2 arrived, she had met DGD in the town for lunch. DB has just taken her home with another load of washing.

The agents rang to see if the chap could come and take some measurements for curtains etc. His wife and daughter arrive in just over a week and they move in 10th July. DB managed to get the front grass cut this morning, so the front looks good. House is in a right mess, but tough......Jess was horrified when I told her what had happened.

It started to rain just after 2pm, not pouring but enough to give you a good soaking.

DD2 washed my hair for me over the bath this afternoon, it was very dirty, it must be almost 3 weeks since it was last done. so I feel much better now.

I did casserole some pork yesterday, we are going to have it with some rice for supper. I have also done a first shop from Morrisons for next Friday, chose a 9- 10pm delivery for £1 not bad. Its all the heavy stuff I am no longer able to carry. We will still shop for meat and veg as we have done before, when we go in either to the Drs or Library.

Tomorrow we will be at the bungalow for a short while, I need to clean the bits off the carpet, will take the camera and take piccies so you can see what it looks like without the furniture in and before the back room begins to resemble a junk shop!!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Getting there

This morning we went over to the bungalow and met DD1. DB spent some time in the garden whilst DD1 sorted out curtains. We now have curtains at the kitchen, sitting room and two bedroom windows, the carpets are down and the vinyl in the kitchen and bathroom, so the place has a lived in air.

This afternoon I retired to bed for a nap whilst DB took stuff into the council and again asked about the knot weed in the garden. No idea what we can do to get them to realise what a menace  the stuff is.

I am feeling a bit stronger each day, being careful not to do too much, do not want to land back in hospital so close to moving, just 2 more days before the packers start on Sunday. DD2 and DGD will be here, they will go round after the chaps and clean where they can. I would like them to empty the back bedroom then it can be cleaned and shut up, DB and I will come back Tuesday to finish cleaning up and hand over the  keys.

Its been another rather muggy day, very warm, but no real sun.

We are TV less the chap came this afternoon and took the dish down so until we get to the bungalow with the TV we cannot watch it.

With being in hospital I have taken my finger off the pulse, not sure what DB has done about letting the various agencies know our change of address. Doubt if he has done anything, so will have to go through it all with him tomorrow. We are not going out DD2 is coming after lunch.

I have to sort out 2 evening meals for Monday and Tuesday, hopefully the cooker will arrive on Wednesday so it will then be full steam ahead.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Home sweet home

Ahhhhh my first night at home after my 10 day stay in hospital.....warm comfortable bed, no forced lights out.

We both woke early, DB had an appointment with the carpet fitters, so he was off soon after 8am. I had my breakfast in bed and slowly got dressed. A phone call to social services, to discuss my needs. DB had a phone interview yesterday, so now things will go forward. Our only drawback at the bungalow is a bath with no shower. Neither of us can get up from the bath and have difficulty getting in and out. We now wait to see what happens next. We have had to apply for planning permission for the satalitte dish in the bungalow. The paperwork is getting as bad as living in tape is strangling the system especially if you are in council property!!

Big problem with the kitchen door, because the floor boards in the kitchen are so bad, we have had to have board laid down, if the vinyl goes down the back door will score it to bits. No help from the council, they tell us it's our problem to sort a UPVC door!!
Excuse me, we are not allowed to alter the door without written permission and we move in on Monday. So either we have the vinyl laid and score it to death, or we may have to pay for a new door £500. They must think I came up the river on the last banana boat. Either way it looks like we may be coming in and out the front door. In my view the council are not being very co-operative. They have still done nothing about the suspect knot weed in the garden, I expect that will prove to be ours to sort as well.

I went on line and ordered the cooker to be delivered next wednesday, another job out of the way, just need to find some one to hard wire it in.

One way or another this move is proving to be the worst we have ever done. You can no longer be assured tenants from the beginning you have to do 12 months probation. Even then you have to have written permission to do everything. I need Valium. OH has been gone 4 hours now. Trying to keep calm is not easy!!!

It took over 6 hours for the men to fit the carpets, we have two wooden doors to have a bit shaved off the bottom. The back door problem was resolved, the surveyor from the council came to look at the shed roof, OH asked him to look at the back door, the chaps ran his hand underneath and fetched out heaven knows what from underneath, all stuck to the bottom of the door, so they took the door off, cleaned the bottom and Bingo!! door closes no problem!!

I have rested in bed today, am going to get up in my jamas shortly. Tomorrow I am going over to meet DD2 she is going to hang curtains and a few other bits.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Get out the champagne

Dr has just been, I am going home this evening when DB comes in to visit. I have a follow up appointment for the end of July...............

Am I ever going to get out.

Lady came this morning to see what's melds I am on, rumour was that I was being sent home, pacemaker card etc and appointment for follow up appointment.

Then Dr comes and says no you are not going home. Yesterday's XRay was fine but they still need to check that the wire is in the right place.  The right hand does not know what the left is doing, and zilch communication. Really fed up now been sat here for 9 days.

Apparently moving is gradually being done without me.............

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Still here

I am still incarsarated in the hospital. Friday did not go as planned, problems getting the wires in place, was given morphine, will not be having it again in a hurry. Hopefully will be going home tomorrow.

Will catch up later.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Thank you

For all the messages that have landed in my in box. It is so kind of so many of you to be concerned about me.

I am getting my pacemaker tomorrow depending on when I go to theatre, I may be home tomorrow or Saturday.

OH and DD2 are sorting out the move. The council have sorted the lime scale, two blockages in the toilet and the leaking wash hand basin. OH said the stuff they got out the drain was horrendous. Apparently the plumber had been to the bungalow on several occasions to unblock the toilet when the three children were living there. The plumber also sorted the jacket on the hot water cylinder, which was neither use or ornament the way it was on.

I am going to settle down shortly. I will be nil by mouth after midnight............will post again as soon as I am able.


Sorry I have not been posting, I was whisked off to t hospital on Sunday, when a bright light came on In my brain re my breathlessness. My heart was only beating at 48 beats a minute, not good!!

I am waiting to get a pacemaker fitted, hopefully either today or tomorrow. Once I am home there are a few restriction for the first 6 weeks. As many of you know I was dreading something like this happening, however with DD2's help DB has taken over the moving business. We still plan to move on 29th, not got much choice.

Confirmation I get my pacemaker tomorrow, will be home Saturday.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Blessed Rain

It started to rain just before supper last night, during the night it hammered down and its very dark and grey this morning. So far we have had no thunder.

I emptied the loft yesterday, now cannot get into my sewing room for the stuff on the floor, so this afternoon we will go to the library and then on to the bungalow with the stuff I got down from the attic, it can go on the shelves in the 'new' sewing room.

I sat last night, whilst watching TV, and undid one of the curtains we had in the kitchen in Haddington. I want to make a small curtain for the little window in the kitchen and also a cafe curtain for the other  kitchen window, hence shifting the stuff from the attic so I can get at my machine, then I will pack it away in its box ready to go to its new home.

OH is watching trooping the colour on TV, so I will find something to do. May be get the bags down ready to put them in the car.

I am gradually emptying the freezer so its not too heavy for the chaps to move. I will empty the fridge into the cool box on the morning, we will need the milk anyway.

Because of the weather we are leaving the pots of plants until the week after next, we will gradually move them over the week and put them at the back of the bungalow under the canopy, shelter them a bit from the wind.

We went into town to the library after lunch and took the bags with curtains etc in over to the bungalow, it was hissing down. We re folded the curtains and got them all put in the cupboard in the back bedroom, so another good job done, had a quick cup of tea and then home. Still hissing down.

Friday, 12 June 2015

A Spanner in the Works

DB announced at something after 10pm last night that he had the palps again!! He had taken his medication as instructed, about half an hour later he was sleeping, me? well much as usual I was awake until well after 3am.

After his morning dose they went off. We have road works on the main road, I wanted to nip to Tesco for fish, the traffic lights are right at the end of the road that leads to our little cul de sac, so I had to take my life in my hands in front of a bus and pull out.

When I got home DB was talking to a surveyor from the council about the letter we sent in last week. I put some stuff in the car and we shot off to meet him at the bungalow. He has taken a photo of what DB thinks is Japanese knotweed, looked at the coal shed, he thinks it should be demolished and a coal bunker put in its place. The toilet I have to persevere with, I have left half a packet of washing soda down it today, see if that will shift it. Various other bits agreed, I put the steps into the car and home we came.

Finished off the last of the chicken Mayo in some brown rolls for lunch. I am about to go up and empty the loft.

THis move is proving far more difficult than any of the others, I will be so glad when 29th June comes round and I can unpack boxes at my leisure, as long as I have a chair to sit in and a bed to sleep in I am not really bothered about much else.

Prepped fish and wedges for supper, I bought some strawberries last night, they will be dessert and I will be relaxing.

DB has resigned from the bowls club, he was not getting the co operation he needed so that was that. He is having the rest of the summer off and will join the local club for next season.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Over to the bungalow today to take some more garden stuff and a few bits of kitchen stuff. Cleaned more of the gunk out from between the floor boards and sorted out where various bits of furniture will go.

We have decided that as the big wardrobe is going into the front bedroom we will sleep in there leaving the back bedroom as my sewing room. No garden work done, we were only there for a short while.

Called and collected more big plant pots from my friend, they will come over when we have sorted the garden and collect the pots. I think they may have a long wait........

Back home we had our lunch. I then I fell asleep on the settee. This move is harder than any of the previous ones. I know I am a year older, I am certainly feeling it.

Another nice day, but very windy, a good day if you had laundry to do.

DB has recovered from his blip yesterday, cannot say the same for me.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Not a Good Day

OH informed me at 5.30am that he had palpitations so that was the day messed up.

DD2 came in for a chat this morning, OH stayed in bed, he has had 2 doses of the medication but they are still bumbling away.

I fell asleep this afternoon, got woken by someone wanting to flog me something I did not want ringing the bell. 

OH is down stairs now, how long for is anyones guess.........

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Not such a quiet day after all

We had decided last night that we would not get up too early this morning, so it was getting on for 9am when I finally got down. A load in the washer, I sorted out the bedroom and bathroom, by which time I was crackered. After lunch we went to the council offices to hand in more paper work, and then to the bowls club. OH has got so fed up with non co-operation from the bowls club that he has resigned from both the club and the committee. He is going to take the rest of the summer off and her will then go to the local club at Hose.

We then went into the bank to see what they could do about the money that was taken from my bank account last week, basically nowt. They have however put a block on the account. Personally I do not think that will do much good but we will see.

Home again, exhausted, cup of tea and reading a book.
The laundry dried outside, its been a sunny day but the wind has made it rather cool, was glad of my jacket.

Time to get the supper cold chicken and salad with some new spuds. Finishing the rhubarb and apple crumble for dessert.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Monday, Monday

We were over at the bungalow for 9 am as the carpet estimator said any time between 9 and 1pm. When we got there a chap was looking at the fascia boards which are in very bad condition, he was doing a survey for the council. May be we will get them replaced.

DB started on the garden, clearing the brick path we found to the shed. I started by bailing out the toilet and putting some stuff down to try and get the limescale off. When I flushed the toilet the water came up to the brim!! I think the children who were there had been putting stuff down the toilet. I found a one pence piece amongst other bits.

I then went on to clean the kitchen drawers and cupboards with hot water and sugar soap. I do not think the top of the cupboards have been cleaned since they were put in, they were black. All done and sparkling, just have to do the doors with wax polish. I lined the drawers with paper. I may actually take some of the kitchen stuff over, so I can get ahead here and clean some of the cupboards out.

We met our next door neighbour and also the neighbour whose garden butts onto ours, both were pleased that gardeners were moving in.

We left just after the carpet estimator had been and came home.

We were back into town with the car for its MOT, thankfully it passed no problem, phew, I can do without a large bill just now, have a few on their way anyway.

Walked down to the council offices with some paper work and reported the loo and a couple of other problems, then for a wander round the town before going back to collect the car. We did just pop in to the letting agents, the chap from Roumania has got the house, so he will be able to bring his family over.

Back at home I am shattered...... cooking the chicken I should have cooked last night for supper, so a couple more chicken suppers this week.

We are not going to the bungalow until Wednesday, we decided that Monday, Wednesday and Friday were enough. The worst room is done. I will sort the sitting room next and then the two bedrooms. and the bathroom last; 3 weeks today we will be in.....cannot wait.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

It Was A Sunny Sunday

In bed just after 9pm last night, both if us bushed. The sun keeps coming and going. I have a whirly full of laundry out, it had better not rain!!

Up this morning to take DD2 to her last days course. On the way back we stopped off in town to go to Wilko's and Boyes. I also picked up 2 new pillows from Ponden. I have been saying for ages that we have a couple of really rank pillows.

Back home we had a drink and then DB went out into the garden to dig up more plants, I sorted out the veg for supper. I went to get the chicken out of the fridge where it has been defrosting all night. Hard as iron!! Good job I have some roast supper meat in the freezer think that may well be coming into play. We will have the chicken tomorrow night.

Feeling a bit beurgh today, not sure if I have picked up something, so just taking it steady.

Full day tomorrow, we need to be there for the carpet estimator, the car has to do in for its MOT and we have an appointment with the bank after those thieving swine took money from my account.

Just collected about 30 heads of elderflower to make cordial. The bucket is sterilising, Tomorrow I will use the fluid from the bucket to sterilise the bottles and make the cordial. Once the ingredients are in, the bucket needs to be covered and left to stand for 48 hours. I stir it 3 times a day then strain and decant  the cordial into bottles . With sparkling water and ice it makes a very refreshing drink on a warm summer day, or even during the winter if it comes to that.

Just going to chill for a couple of hours till we need to go and collect DD2 at 4.30pm.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sunny but windy Saturday

No lie in this morning, was at DD2's at 8.30 to take her to Ruddington for her induction course. Called at the nursery on the way home and got 3 bags of green slate to go on the garden at the side of the house, DD2's present for DB's birthday.

Have spent most of the day chilling. Phone call at lunch time from the carpet chap with the estimate, very reasonable all things considered. We have someone else coming on Monday and will then decide who is doing what and when.

DB bowling this afternoon. I spent an hour on the settee reading and then set off to collect DD2 from Ruddington. Stayed for some tea with her before coming home. DB arrived just after me. Having had a good time and they won the game.

Bit later start to take DD2 tomorrow it takes about 25 minutes from here. will collect her in the afternoon as well.

Friday, 5 June 2015


Not a good morning, I checked my bank account this morning to find some low life had taken £177+ out of my account for something I did not want. Phoned the bank, they will try to get it back for me and have put a stop on any further payments being taken, they have also advised me to close the account.and open a new one, more hassle.

Pictures coming up.........

Sitting room looking towards the hall.

2nd bedroom

Main bedroom, showing the built in wardrobe etc.

Kitchen, Hole is for a cooker.

And again looking from the back door.

Other side of the kitchen, thats the hole for the fridge freezer, room under the window for the table.

The floor in the kitchen is a mess there are a lot of screws sticking up, they will have to be screwed down before the hardboard can go down for the vinyl to be laid.

We plan to start from the kitchen and work through the place. I need to get the sitting room chimney swept before we get the carpets down and the rest of the room cleaned, that should be fun!!

Its been a very hot afternoon, had all the windows open at the bungalow, had to attack one window with a wooden mallet to get it to open, needs some WD40 on it I think.

DD2 and DB tackled emptying the rubbish from the bin it had been put in and put it in the right one. I tackled cleaning the kitchen floor. I do not think the lady with the children who was in the place had any carpets down, I was scrapping cherrios and god knows what from between the wooden planks. The chap came to measure for the carpets and vinyl. He is going to ring me with the price. We have one more chap coming Monday.

Tomorrow DD2 is at a training course so I will have to get up early to take her and then go back and collect her at night. Its about 30 miles away in Nottinghamshire.

Gradually getting the jobs done, changing the addresses takes for ages. Some you can do over the phone, others you have to write to them, and some you can do via the internet.

Tonight I am going to sit with my feet up and chill with an ice cold glass of wine.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hip Hip Hooray.

Well, that's that!! We have the keys to our new abode, the does and dont's were read over to U.S. And we signed our life away.

The grass in the garden is almost knee high, I think the strimmer will be In use at some point. The decor inside is fine but the muck is something else. I walked round not knowing what to do first. I have decided to do a room at a time starting with the kitchen. The floor is a real mess, there are screws standing proud of the floor which is really dirty. There was supposed to have been a cleaning crew go in, what they did I really do not know.

We were late getting home, it was after 7pm before we got our supper and I have spent the evening reading through all the paper work.

We are taking DD2 over tomorrow afternoon to have a look, also meeting the carpet chappie for him to measure up and give us a quote.

I did take some photos, will put them up tomorrow. I am using the I Pad in bed.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Much Better Day

the sun was out but still a strong wind this morning, it gradually died sown over the morning.

A load of coloureds in the washer, out on the whirly, should be dry ok.

DB out in the garden doing odd jobs, I had to water all the plants, they were drooping. I ironed the sheets etc from Monday, in the airing cupbard for a day or so,

DB also getting ready to take some stuff with us tomorrow. DD2 is coming with us on Friday when we meet the carpet estimator. She is coming for lunch before we go.

Looking at the space for the cooker, I have also chosen a second best just in case the space is too small. I think we are going to have to loose two cupboards from the kitchen to get the fridge freezer in. That will be up to the council to see to. Its really a case of wait and see what will fit where.

DB has an appointment at the Drs this afternoon, I need to go to the bank and Morrisons.

Terrible night last night, just could not sleep, think I dropped off about 6am, alarm went off just after 8am. Have had a doze on the settee but someone rang the bell and woke me up. Hey ho I will sleep better tonight.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

At last

We got so fed up sitting waiting for a phone call from the outreach worker DB phoned to speak to her this afternoon. He has nearly driven me demented carping about getting veg in and carpets laid, I lost it gave him the phone and told him to ring her.

We have an appointment to meet her at the bungalow at 2.30pm on Thursday, we will go through the bungalow and then the paper work and we will get the keys!! at last..........the two carpet people have been rung to make an appointment to come and measure for the carpets. He has also made a balls up of ringing the removers which I am going to have to sort out. Then a list of people who need to know we are moving. I hope I do not get charged £30 again to move my car insurance.

However, it is official we are moving into the bungalow on 29th June. I will come back here on 30th to clean through, get the inspection done and hand the keys to the agents.

DB was out in the garden for an hour, he dug up a clematis and broke the stem, I hope it will come again from the root.

We went to Lidl this morning to do the shopping to find they have put back the opening date to Thursday, so we went down to Syston and I did my shopping at Aldi. It will be nearer to go to Grantham when we have moved.

Its been a very blustery day, it was raining first thing, fine now but the wind is very strong and the trees are really bending at the back.

Right off to start and contact the people who need to know.

Removers just sorted, so all systems go!!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Wash Day

Changed the bed this morning and loaded the washer. The forecast was for rain, so hung it out on a wing and a prayer. Put the towels in and got them out on the line as well. Just after lunch DB saw rain spots so I shot out and took in the bedding which was dry, left the towels on the line.

We nipped out to do a couple of jobs, just got back and had a cup of tea when the sky went black, another dash to get the towels in and also move some of the plant pots into more sheltered positions as the wind was blowing. DB remarked that the forecast was for 47mph winds, I think that was a conservative forecast, it seemed to be blowing a lot harder than that.

Still all the washing is dry and can be either put in the airing cupboard or ironed and put in the cupboard.

The last estimator for our move came this morning, so we will be able to see who get the job. I have a good idea who it will be.

Whilst we were out we picked up some boxes to put the plants in to take them over in, DB also took a prescription into the chemist.

Lidl opens tomorrow so we will be going to see what all the fuss is about. I have not done any shopping so far apart from a couple of bits I get from Morrisons.