Wednesday, 6 May 2015


It was bright but still very windy early this morning. A load of coloureds went into the machine and I hung them out to dry before we went to the Drs.

DB can drive again, he has regained full use of his left hand, arm and leg and has no residual weakness at all So he will be able to share the driving when we go to meet Ana and Bob next week. So he can re-apply for his driving licience.The Dr also said she would write to social services and see if she can get us pushed up the ladder a bit. Fingers crossed. DB treated us to a donut to have with our afternoon tea to celebrate.

Went to the bank and also Morrisons for the few bits we needed.

Laundry was dry so fetched it in, after lunch it turned very grey looking and before long it was raining. The wind seemed to have dropped a bit.

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  1. Glad to hear hubby is okay. When you re apply for his driving licence it may take a while. My husbands was 3 months before it came back.
    Sue R


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