Sunday, 31 May 2015

Wet and Murky Sunday

After yesterday's sunny weather its throwing it down here, has not let up since we got up. I though it was drying up a while ago, but its persisting and the wind is blowing seven bells of hell as well.

Instead of gardening this morning I started to clean the kitchen cupboards, lined them with paper and put the stuff back, when we do go I will just need to take the paper out, nice clean cupboards left.

The dilemma over the cooker is solved. DB reminded me that we would get our deposit back when we leave the house, so I can have the cash to buy the cooker and there will be some left to go towards the carpets.

I am going to order it from John Lewis, its cheaper there than anywhere else and the chaps will also install it, £25 which is cheaper than £40 the local electrician was going to charge, and I will not have to wait for him to come and do the honours.

Its the same model we sold when we came back 3 1/2 years ago.

I started knitting hats for the babies of Nepal last night, had some wool left over from DGGD's knitting so have made 3 so far, think I have enough wool for another 3, that will be it. I did sort out the next block for the quilting group yesterday. The meeting is 4 days before we are due to move. I do not want to be hunting for stuff then, so its safely stowed away in my case.

DB was fine at bowls yesterday, moaning today he has a sore throat, told him to gargle with aspirin in warm water, reckons he has 'a head cold' Well he has an appointment with the Dr this week so he can sort it out with her whilst he is there. He had a nasty rash where the monitor leads had been, it is fading but I think he is allergic to the sticky stuff they put on the pads.

We have been watching the re-runs of 'ello 'ello, DB recorded them, it seems strange to watch them now. There were a couple of scenes in one we watched last night I doubt would go down to well now.

Pork steaks for supper, going to do them with the roasties in the Remoska, carrots and cabbage. There is half the crumble from Friday left so we will finish that off for dessert.


  1. Would be interested in more information [here or email?] about the hats for the Nepalese babies - is there a website, or a specific pattern, and how are they getting to Nepal? I am always interested in knitting projects! I have knitted enough stuff for the Operation Christmas Child boxes for this year, so new project would be enthusiastically received! Thanks xx

  2. It's always a delight to find the dosh you need for expedient purchases like the new cooker you'll be getting soon and how brilliant that it will be installed, too!

    I hadn't heard you mention using the Remoska in quite a while so had wondered if you still had it.

    Hope DB isn't getting the flu DH has had. It's been a rough two weeks and he's still coughing.

    My hat is off to anyone who can knit as my fingers just won't play together nicely when I hold knitting needles. It was true when I was young, too. It's wonderful that you can competently make hats for the babies who need them so much.



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