Tuesday, 19 May 2015


A strange day, it was dry when I got up and quite sunny, so the towels were put in the washer, I had to fetch them in. they were almost dry, so I shoved them in the dryer to finish off. sun, then rain then sun again.........

Still waiting on a phone call, nothing today.....hey ho

OH needs supper early he is being picked up for a bowls meeting at 6.30. Will get his supper for 5.30.

Did the freezer audit this morning, we have just about enough meat for next month, will have to buy some mince and a chicken, but thats it.

OH went for his siesta, I filled a hot water bottle and wrapped myself in a fleece. Read for a while. Its blooming cold, think I will have to put the heat on again, my hands are frozen. The calender says its May, it feels more like December!!


  1. We are having similar weather in Missouri. We use the furnace at night and open the windows during the day. Spring skipped us for the most part and we have been having storms every day for weeks. The weather seems to be atypical everywhere.

  2. Quite agree about the weather - one minute today we were having lovely sunny spells and I could quite believe it was May, the next minute it had clouded over and there was hail clattering down on the verandah roof making a heck of a racket! Hoping for more settled weather very soon xx


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