Saturday, 30 May 2015

Sunny Saturday

We had a lie in, the postman came and brought a plant catalogue, not that I am buying any more plants. It was nice to look through and dream........

Once up and breakfasted we went off to the post office, someone tried to deliver a parcel yesterday. there were 3 of us in, but none of us heard the bell, so can only guess they did not try too hard to get an answer, instead took the parcel to the local post office. It was quite a large narrow box, but very light. When I opened it there were 2 packets of tube squeezers I had ordered. Why they did not just put them in an envelope I just do not know!!

Nipped to Morrisons for toasting bread and some apples. Have been on the look out for 2 clematis, Montana Alba and Montana Elizabeth, no luck there so will see if I can beg some cuttings and root them myself. I want to use them to cover the awful wire fence at the front.

DB bowling this afternoon so I have some 'me time' no idea what I am going to do, my head is buzzing with trying to sort out our move and DB is not helping, he is stressing about getting the keys so we can get the carpets down before we move in. I am trying to sort out the cash.

We have 3 estimates back  for the move so far, they vary from almost £1000 to £708, we have one more estimator coming on Monday then we will decide who is going to get the job. I also have to arrange to get the wardrobe in the back bedroom to my daughters, it might be a man and his van.

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  1. You certainly are staying busy and hope the list-making you're doing will help slow the whirling thoughts in your head. Have you a move-in date yet?

    Do Morning Glory vines grow there? That's another delightful plant that would wind around that ugly fence. Clematis would be beautiful, too, of course. Would you want to eventually plant some kind of ground cover or low growing plants to hide the lower edge of the fencing?

    I made a quick run to get an Rx for DH and picked up some lovely strawberries while there.



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