Friday, 15 May 2015


Fine this morning, but still quite windy and cold in the wind.

Down to DD2's to sort out and feed the cat, left him inside again.

I had a snack lunch before setting off to see my quilting friend, tea and tarte au citron, delicious....we spent quite some time putting the world to rights as well as viewing her very pretty back garden.

Journey home was quite heavy traffic, the A46 was very busy much as usual although Melton was not bad for a change. Cat fed again, DD2 is back tomorrow afternoon, so tomorrow morning will be my last duty.

DB had his siesta and had then spent time in the garden, we have some clearing up and tying in to do. Hopefully if its fine I will be spending some time in the garden tomorrow. DB is playing bowls, the first time since he was ill, one of his bowling friends is going to pick him up.

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