Sunday, 3 May 2015

Rain. rain go away!!

Bucketing down when we got up this morning. I drove all the way to Syston and back in pouring rain.

The car park at Aldi was almost full when we got there and the queue half way down the building. Once we got inside it was like a rugby scrum, Why do people park their trolleys right where you want to be to get something either off the shelf or out of the freezer. At the meat counter there were 3 people chatting, blocking 2/3rds of the counter. I got fed up waiting patiently and eventually said ' excuse me do you mind if I get some meat', you should have seen the filthy look I got. However we eventually were in the car and on our way back home.

Pate on toast for lunch and DB went for his siesta, I made myself cosy on the settee covered with a fleece and a book to read.

By 2.30pm the rain had stopped and the sun was out, but boy its cold outside.

Everything ready to cook the shoulder of lamb for tonight's supper....

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