Sunday, 17 May 2015

Oh my aching back!!

Late up, it was after 9am before I woke. It was a fine morning and the forecast is for rain for tomorrow, I stripped the bed and washed the bed linen, almost dry.....I had to re wash a pillow case a bird very nicely decided to leave me a present as it flew over!!

Cooked the liver I should have cooked yesterday, I forgot DB would not be here for supper. So liver and bacon tomorrow, the rest is in the freezer.

Then I tackled the lawns, its amazing how much they have grown in 3 weeks, by the time I finished the front grass my back was telling me it was time to pack in. Both lawns have been done and look much better for it. I had to spray the lupins the green fly have decided its a nice restaurant, sorry chaps the drink is rubbish, buzz off somewhere else.

After lunch I remade the bed, fought with the duvet to get it into the cover, nothing new there then.........

Prepped the veg for supper, not sure what we are having for dessert, possibly banana and custard.

We are going to be living out of the freezer and cupboards for a few weeks, time the stocks were getting lower, can hardly fit anything into the wall cupboards. I emptied the remains of 4 pints of white vinegar into a smaller bottle, that one thing gone. Went through the kitchen drawers, cleaned and relined them, was looking for stuff to sling, so far nothing. I thought I might have some baking tins to off load, but I use them all, so no luck there either

Thats me apart from cooking the supper, on the settee for the rest of the day. Tomorrow is another day!!

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  1. I never try to put the duvet back in it's cover... Stew has to do it! It's such a shit job eh? lol


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