Monday, 4 May 2015

Not A Good Day

Stripped the bed and put the sheets etc in the washer whilst we had breakfast. I could smell burning so could DB. I put my hand on the washer plug and it was red hot, when I pulled it out, the fuse was welded into the plug, has I left it no doubt we would have been calling the fire service. Changed the plug and after a couple of false starts set the machine going again. It has stopped with the drum half full of water, and was making a weird buzzing noise, I think the pump has either gone or is blocked.

Dilemma - the pump may be expensive to replace so therefore it might be cheaper to buy a new machine, however, if we get an apartment offered to us, there is a laundry, so something else, almost brand new to sell. If  we are lucky enough to get a bungalow we will need a washer................aarrgghhhh. Its a lovely day, my sheets I had hoped to dry on the line or stuck in water in the washer, I know when the chap comes he will open the pump, I could be left with sopping wet towels from mopping up the water and the prospect of a visit to the launderette to wash them.......


  1. You are in a real dilemma. I guess you should wait to see what the repairman has to say about fixing your machine. Sorry you are in this pickle.....

  2. Do you have a British Heart Foundation store nearby? Ours sells electrical items and they always have a lot of refurbished washers at reasonable prices.



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