Friday, 8 May 2015

Hey Ho Same Old Same Old.......

So thats the election over for another 5 years. I was very surprised when I saw the swing on TV.

DB and I have had many a discussion over the past few weeks, his view different to mine because, of course, he is a dyed in the wool Scot. How ever its over and we are stuck with wee Dave and Sam Cam for another 5 years.

Friday clean done, bottomed as it was not done last week. It was not too bad really. Wedges prepped for tonight supper. DD2 due this afternoon, we will take her home and then carry on to the library, DB sat up reading till gone midnight to finish the book he was reading. If I had done that I would have heard, 'I can't sleep the lights on', I just turned over and went off to sleep.

Weekend tomorrow and I am having a long lie, the last few weeks have caught up with me, I have doubled up my Fibro drugs for a few days, feel as if my body is on fire most of the time.

SIL goes in for the op on her hand today, DB rang her  last night, he has also sent off for his new photo card, used my bank card, but I have transferred the money from his savings account. It should be with us within the week.

A bright morning, the wind has dropped, so not quite so cold. I was frozen when we went to bed last night, put the electric blanket on, soon warmed up.

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