Thursday, 14 May 2015

Grey/Blue Day

My left shoulder was causing me some problems last night. Got DB to rub in some pain killer cream and had also taken oral painkillers earlier on, slept fine and this morning it is ok. I think it was carrying the heavy bags that did it.

Out this morning to feed the cat, have left him in, will go down to feed him this afternoon and let him out. Traffic was horrendous, no idea what was going on but every road was jammed. We had a couple of calls to make whilst we were out.

Friday clean done, 2 loads of laundry, watching the weather it looks a bit ominous. Bread maker on too.

DB went for his siesta after lunch, I read for a while and then prepped the veg for tonights supper.

All the laundry dried and is now airing, I have a visit to my quilting friend tomorrow afternoon. DB has a history club meeting so he will go there and back on the bus.

Down to DD's to let the cat out and put down some more food for him.

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