Friday, 22 May 2015


DB's heart stabilized itself last night. We went shopping to Morrisons this morning. Whilst he was having his siesta the council rang to say that the house we bid for 2 weeks ago is ready for us to view.

To be honest we do not need to see it, we were over on Wednesday and the decorator was in painting, so we had a quick run through.

Back garden from the back door. The top of the garden has been used as a vegetable patch, the last tenant did not bother with it, so it has loads of weeds to dig out.

Back garden from the bedroom window

DB outside the front of the bungalow.

A 2 bedoomed, detached bungalow with solar panels, its in a village about 6 miles from Melton, there is a bus service. The village has a garage, shop, post office, 2 churches and a pub!!

Needless to say DB has the seed packets out to see what he still has time to plant for this season. I have a feeling we will be working in the garden here over the weekend lifting some of the plants I want to take with us. We went and got 2 bags of compost and I am afraid I bought some plants!!

DD2 came this afternoon with news of their holiday, she bought me a bar of my very favourite chocolate, she got it at the airport, so its been out to Majorca and back again. I will be having 1 piece per night, make it last was long as I can. You just do not see it on sale these days, 

Things are going to be hectic over the next few weeks, need to arrange for carpets to be fitted, curtain rails put up etc......... we will move some of the lighter stuff ourselves and also some of the garden stuff. 

We have 2 sheds, one of them has a coal bunker built inside, but there is room for logs as well, the other will be fine for garden implements.

I must admit I am really pleased, we would never have got such a nice bungalow in the town, we could have been waiting for years. The neighbours are great we have already met 4 of them, they are looking forward to having us move in apparently the last tenant was a lady with the children. The situation of the bungalow meant it was difficult to to let. The bungalow was not left in a good state and there has been quite a lot for the workmen to do, it will be in good decorative order when we do get to move in, hopefully at the end of June.


  1. So happy for you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What could be more perfect for you two and your interests in gardening and quilting?!

    What a relief that the uncertainty, worry, and wait is over, too.

    Happy dancing here! Hugs!

  2. That sounds wonderful! So happy things have worked out so well!

  3. So pleased for you - exciting times ahead! Hope the moving all goes smoothly xxx

  4. Congratulations, that is such good news.
    It will be ideal for you both, you will be happy to be settled.
    Nice that the neighbours are friendly, that makes a happy place.
    Best wishes,
    Pam in Texas.

  5. That's good news on both counts you must be really pleased to have hubby home and a new home too xxx

  6. What a lovely bungalow, and detached so no worry regarding noise. I love the back garden, DB will soon have some veggies growing. I have a strong feeling that this is the last move for you both, you have had enough moves in the last few years and I hope you will both be really happy and contented. Love Andie xxx

  7. Nice bungalow and the solar panels are nice and help to keep you warm. Nice garden for the two of you to enjoy.

    Please share the name of the village where you are moving to, would like to locate on a map, sounds perfect.

    Take care.

  8. Good news at last, hopefully this will be your last move. You have done a lot of hopping around, the garden looks a decent size and is a blank canvas for you to work your magic on.

  9. So happy for you that a) you got a bungalow-no stairs b) it has a second bedroom for your sewing and crafts c) nice neighbours d) big garden that you both will work your magic on. So many good things about this property, hope everything goes well.

  10. Looks fab, and I'm sure you'll soon have it knocked into shape! Just the ticket, very pleased for you both :o)
    Rose H

  11. So happy to hear that you will have a bungalow ..... much better without stairs to climb!! Busy days ahead but then you can relax and enjoy your new home during the summer.


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