Friday, 1 May 2015


the day after the day before,....... an early caller one of the ladies from the quilting group came to collect her handbag she left behind yesterday afternoon.

We loaded the car with all the spare pots we had, by heavens there were a lot, set off to the Drs. DBs warfarin levels have at last come up, he has an appointment for 2 weeks time. Called at the post office to post 2 parcels and then off to drop the plant pots off.

It was lamost lunchtime when we got back. DB went for his siesta, I finished yesterdays block and cut the pieces for the next one, so everything is now ready for the next class apart from printing off the instructions for the June block.

Had asn email from SIL saying that they had arrived home ok, she is going into hospital next week for an op on her hand. Hmmmm why do I think the nurses will earn their money while she is in residence??

Going to Aldi Sunday morning, tomorrow I need a llooonnggg lie.

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