Friday, 29 May 2015

Frantic Friday

Thank goodness its early evening!! This morning we sorted the sitting room and kitchen.

After lunch we sat waiting for the visitation. The first two who came were chaps, Two brothers, they are Romanian, one of them lives here, the other has come over to join him, he has a good job and is looking to rent a house so he can send for his wife and daughter can come over. They left bound for the agents to pay for the checks. I guess he will have to have a guarantor as he has not got any credit rating etc. We had two more couples after them and both of them wanted the house. So the agents stopped the other 3 couples coming.

The estimator came from the third removal company, the quote has come through, afraid he will not be getting the job, too expensive. We have to look every penny twice before we spend it. The chap who came on Tuesday said they would pack on Sunday and move us Monday, he has come in with the cheapest quote so far.

It rained for most of the morning, but it has cleared and its a bright sunny evening.

My legs and back suffered after my hour in the garden on Wednesday, thankfully its not so bad today, so if its fine over the weekend I will be digging some more plants up and potting them up. I am trying to take it steady and not do too much. I need to start my famous lists.......I have already decided on supper for the night we move and the Tuesday. We will be coming back here to clean ready for the new tenants and drop the keys in to the agents.

Time to go and dish up the fish, wedges and coleslaw.........

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  1. Hope your stellar organizational lists for the move will save you time, energy, and make the most of your money. You're always so good at making lists and have been thru moving so many times your expertise will stand you in good stead. Do pace yourself so you don't start each evening so shattered it's no fun.

    Speaking of shattered, that's me just now as I went to the grocery alone today as DH has pulled a huge muscle in his back from the coughing he's been doing. The muscle is causing waves of pain all too often. OUCH!



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