Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Feels like Monday - Oh its Tuesday

Bad night again, things rattling round in the brain. Up early we had a estimator for removal coming at 9am. In the post the letter formally offering us the tenancy of the bungalow. The keys are not back yet, so we have to wait for the decorator to finish and then we can go and have a look round. We paid the water charge, no idea why, so now its just a waiting game and getting as many arrangements in place as I can. We have 2 people viewing the house on Friday afternoon, there is a shortage of decent property on the rental market in Melton, so I do not think it will be empty long.

I put a plea on freecycle for a fire guard, two answers, so I now have 2 fire guards, one is a very posh folding one, the other very utility.

A load of laundry dried outside, just need to put it in the airing cupboard, its been a very sunny and quite warm.

Need to get my stuff sorted for the quilting group meeting on Thursday afternoon, check the bags and remember to take the milk out of the freezer. I got some chocolate digestives from Morrisons this morning instead of shortbread.

OH emptied one of the containers on the front and found a birds egg in there, heaven knows where it had come from but it was buried quite deep, wondered if it was a fox had buried it.

Need to tidy the house and garden for the viewers, so tomorrow and Friday morning will be clearing up days.


  1. Things are moving fast. Do you have a fireplace in the new bungalow? So nice on cool nights and solar panels also. Ana usa

  2. I know what you mean about a busy brain during the night. My mother taught me to keep paper and pencil by the bed so such thoughts can be jotted down and no longer in your head. It worked for her and it works for me. Of course, trying to read what you wrote in the dark is a hoot.

    Cheers for the new fire guards and new potential tenants for your current home. You always have such lovely things in your home and on the display shelves that I know your home will show well.


  3. You have a lot to get organized with your move so I can see that it is difficult to relax and sleep at night.

    Good news about the fire guards.

    Whoever owns your current home didn't take long to start offering to new renters but I suppose they want as short turn around as possible. It is very good of you to keep it so that it shows at its best. Is there a security deposit that you are at risk of losing? Here in the US renters usually pay first and last month rent up front and often a rather large security deposit for damage.

    Would love a chocolate digestive biscuit. They are not carried by any of my local shops and when you do come across them like at Food World they are quite expensive.



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