Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Spent time this morning digging up bulbs, and plants and re potting the plants.

After lunch we went into town to pick up a strimmer to help decimate the weeds in the veg garden. Once the weeds are cut down I can clear a 12 foot square for DB to plant his veggies.

It has taken me over an hour to put the strimmer together, blooming thing I am shattered.

Still no word from the council re the keys, so guess its going to be next week before we get to look at the place. I cannot sort out carpets etc till we have the keys. Another remover coming tomorrow to quote and a further one on Monday. The sign has gone up outside so the neighbours will know now. I have to get handy with the screw drivers and take the trellis supporting the clematis down, then the clematis can be potted up.

My back and shoulders are telling me I have put the strimmer together, I ended up sitting on the floor wrestling with the blessed thing.

Tomorrow is the quilting class, so will pack the stuff into the car in the morning. Meantime I am going to spend the evening slobbing on the settee.


  1. Anne, please take it easy. You are working way to hard. Gardening is very hard work. :)

  2. Bless your heart and other parts! All you've done today was really a chore and I hope you'll take some of the Paracetimol (sp?) tonight. Your muscles will thank you. I suppose that pill is similar to aspirin or such here.

    You also deserve to rest this evening and there's not one lazy thing about doing that.

    Hope you get the keys tomorrow or Friday so you and DB can firm up your plans.



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