Thursday, 7 May 2015

DB does it again!!

DB cannot find the photo card from his driving licence.......I have searched the house, his bedside drawers, coat and trouser pockets. Cannot find the photo card anywhere, so he is going to have to stump up £20 for a new one......brilliant. I refuse to pay it, his card his fault, he can pay.

The wind has dropped, we did have a shower this morning but it has brightened up, still quite cold though, have put the heating back on brrrrr.

Nothing of note done, made a pot of scotch broth and did the veggies for supper. Also ironed the duvet cover and stuck it in the airing cupboard. Whilst sorting stuff out this morning I discovered that DB had 24 pairs of socks, when does he ever wear than, I seem to get the same socks in the wash each week, could not persuade him to chuck any of them out though.

Starting to think about our little trip next week. We are staying in a travel lodge. I am planning on taking two containers with our Sunday fruit mix in and a couple of tea cakes to have for breakfast. As we are going out for lunch I will take sandwiches and fruit for our supper. There is always plenty of sachets of tea and coffee, I will take some of DB's decaff tea with me. Looking forward to seeing Ana and Bob even if it is only for a short time.

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