Sunday, 10 May 2015

Cat Sitting Duties

A bit of a lie in this morning, went down to feed Donny DD2's cat, he was sitting on the step waiting for us.

Back at home I decided to do the Monday clean, we have a fullish day tomorrow starting with an appointment for DB at the INR clinic. I also need a few supplies for our trip on Tuesday. Started sorting the clothes we are going to need for Tuesday, I will pack the bag tomorrow night before we go to bed.

Today is DD2's birthday, hope she has had a nice day in the sun.

Sat and watched Badminton this afternoon whilst DB had his siesta, I think I should have had one too, yawning my head off.

Had a message from DB's sister, with a photograph, she is having to sit with her arm elevated. Her husband has rigged up some traction for her using a pair of steps and various other bits from around the house. They are going to freinds for supper, they too have rigged up a contraption for her, fortunately its her left hand, but guess someone is going to have to cut up her meals for her.

Cloudy day we did get some sun, the wind has settled a bit but its still quite cool.

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